Friday, April 08, 2016

The 462 Re-route along Forest Road
– Three months on …. And still waiting!

We are informed that the re-routing of the 462 bus route along Forest Road to serve such delights as Fairlop tube Station, Forest Farm Shop, Fairlop Waters, Power League and many more, has been delayed again. They cite June but as usual do not specify a year.

See our report (below) from January on the problems, which we have to stress are not down to Redbridge council.

Friday January 8, 2016
Bus Delayed

I was planning to take a ride on the 462 bus to Fairlop Waters this Saturday (9th January) and to take some photos of the occasion, but alas the proposed re-route along Forest Road has been delayed until at least the end of January (not sure which year).

Redbridge council has done its bit. The bus stop stand markings in the road and the kerb rearrangements are all in place and have been so for some weeks before Christmas. However, there is now a budget stand-off between Transport for London and Epping Forest District Council over who is responsible for providing toilet facilities for the drivers at the new terminus in Limes Farm. You may point out, as have many others, that there are no toilet facilities at the 169 terminus at The Glade or at the 128 terminus at Claybury Broadway, so why the 462 drivers have “needs” that others do not is a mystery.

Perhaps when it finally appears after more than 30 years of campaigning, long before Barkingside 21 even existed, 3 will turn up at once?


  1. I did wonder if, due to the large number of routes terminating in Ilford, the Hainault Street stand - clearly visible from a 169 in Ley Street - is so oversubscribed that the stand time for shorter routes had been reduced on the basis that the needs of drivers on longer distance routes, such as the 25, were more important and toilet breaks on the shorter routes are intended to be taken at the remote terminal.

    However, this appears not to be the case. TfL now publishes working timetables and, although the rather clumsy conversion from the original spreadsheet to pdf makes them hard to follow*, it is clear to see that the 462 currently has approximately 14 minutes of stand time at both ends of the route.

    Are there toilet facilities at the current Manford Way terminal (apart from the pub across the road, which is currently closed - or was when I was up there a week or so before Christmas)?

    Limes Farm is outside Greater London and, therefore, outside the TfL boundary so I doubt if there is any legal requirement for TfL to provide a service to it. So, if there is a genuine need for terminal facilities, perhaps the best solution in the short term is to implement the Forest Road service but terminate it in Manford Way, as now.

    This will reduce the service to the western arm of Manford Way and leave only the 167 to serve Essex passengers but it is a fair hike from the further reaches of Limes Farm to the 167 route so, no doubt the residents will make their displeasure felt by Epping Forest District Council. Don't they have elections there in May ...?

    * The time at the right hand end of each continuous row of times is the arrival time at the terminal stand (incorrectly shown as a departure time!). The time shown under 'Form Time' is the departure time of the return journey.

    1. TfL will be attending the Redbridge Council External Scrutiny Panel meeting on 13th January at 7.15pm at the Town Hall. See link for further details. If you wish to speak contact the Council by 5pm on 12 Jan.

  2. Haven't the drivers heard of the ancient Navajo tradition of urinating again the back offside wheel of the vehicle??

    1. Indeed, I recall a driver for a well known Coach company in Grays that I knew in my early drinking days, long before the breathalyser, who said it was a British Law (of which he took full advantage when returning from day trips to coastal resorts in the summer) ...

    2. Perhaps you haven't noticed but we do have FEMALE bus drivers these days. We can do most things that men do, but pissing standing up is not one of them

    3. Wow! It's only two and a bit months on but as I was driving up Elmbridge Road this morning, I saw too yellow 'flags' in the distance, one each side of the road by the entrance to the muslim cemetery. As I got closer, I could see that they had something printed on them which turned out to be "This bus stop is not in use"!

      I diverted via Forest Road on my way home and, sure enough, there are more!

      One isn't far from the Elmbridge Road junction but only for buses towards Hainault, which is a little strange - though I was driving, so my main attention was on the road!

      Two more at Fairlop Waters and another pair at Fairlop Station were followed by another singleton, this time for Ilford bound buses only, outside the Jewish Primary School.

      Presumable the little dears travelling in the other direction are expected to walk round the Fullwell Cross roundabout or use the station stops.

      Still, its progress! All we need now is a date ...

    4. Correct! Health & safety decree the little dears travelling in the other direction are expected to walk round the Fullwell Cross roundabout or use the station stops. A bus stop on the other side would encourage them to cross the road which would put them at risk of being run over by a bus (or other vehicles).

  3. Samantha p....they sell things called shepees now that you can buy for girls to pee standing up....quite cheep as well......I have never thought of where bus drivers wee now I am intrigued .can anyone tell me ....?