Tuesday, April 19, 2016

RecoMed – Healthy Waste Management

Here at Barkingside 21 we just love reporting on new developments in the Recycling industry, especially when it involves our much-loved health services and helps them save money so they can pay off their PFI debt. Introducing RecoMed – a PVC take-back scheme now operational in 7 UK Hospitals but unfortunately not any of our locals in BHRUT. We will be pointing this out to them.

The project, which is still in its infancy, has been commissioned and funded by VinylPlus (the voluntary sustainable development program of the EU PVC industry). The British Plastics Federation (BPF) working in conjunction with Axion Consulting are thus developing the collection scheme that helps to recycle clean PVC medical waste - items collected include IV solution bags; nasal cannulas; oxygen tubes; anaesthetic masks and oxygen masks.

A spokeswoman said: “By collecting these items, the scheme helps avoid certain medical devices unnecessarily ending up in clinical waste, which would otherwise be sent for incineration. Instead these items are recycled into products for the horticultural industry, such as tree ties, promoting a circular economy and reducing waste in this sector”.

With around 1500 hospitals in the UK, estimates put the total tonnage of PVC waste at over 2,000 tonnes per annum. That’s a lot of waste and potentially big savings.

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  1. Highly commendable, but why stop at hospitals? I used to walk past a small window company's place - I think it might have been in the Ilford High Road - and noted the wirecaged trolley about 2 metres high into which all the off-cuts from the uPVC profiles went.

    Where did they go afterwards? Landfill or re-cycling? It would be interesting to know and, as there seems to be quite an extensive uPVC window industry in the area, that's quite a lot of waste to be disposed of.

    Also, as it doesn't suffer from the contamination of medical waste it might be suited to a much higher grade of re-use than horticultural tie-wraps!

    I did wonder if the difference between PVC and uPVC might make a difference but the links you provided make it clear that all forms of PVC can be recycled.