Sunday, April 24, 2016

Let Kids be Kids
– Children to Strike on May 3rd

Let Kids be Kids is a social media campaign by parents who intend to withdraw their children from school on May 3rd in protest against the SATs and the impact that the new tests are having on their children, as well as a more general protest against the government's White Paper on education.

At this point it is impossible to say how much support the strike call will have but it is certainly a concern shared by many parents as well as teachers.

22,000 Over 24,000 have signed their petition to Nicky Morgan LINK
We want an end to SATs... we want our kids to be kids again.
We're encouraging parents to show Parent Power by keeping their children off school IN SUPPORT of a SATs boycott on TUESDAY 3RD MAY.
Why is this important?
We're a group of Year 2 parents who've had enough... enough of endless testing, enough of teachers not being trusted to teach, enough of an Ofsted driven, dull, dry curriculum aimed solely at passing National Curriculum Tests (SATs).
We want our kids to be kids again and enjoy learning for learning's sake not for Ofsted results or league table figures. Bring back the creativity and the fun - say goodbye to repetition and boredom!
In May, children in Year 2 sit a whole week's worth of exams.. these children are 6 or 7 years old!!! All year their curriculum has been centred around comprehension and arithmetic in order to pass these tests. Outdoor learning has decreased, childhood anxiety has increased, games have been replaced with grammar, playing with punctuation.
Parents all over the country are joining forces on 3rd May for a day of fun learning out of school to show support for a SATS boycott and a return to teacher led assessments which value individuality and creativity in the school setting.
The video above was recorded at yesterday's Parents Defending Education launch

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  1. And while we're at it, can we have a campaign against this ridiculous academisation of all our shcools which is putting public money into the hands of private companies masquerading under the name of 'Multi-Academy Trusts'. A blatant misuse of the word 'trust' in every sense.

  2. How dreadful that our small children should be manacled to a desk and forced to learn arithmetic and other useless subjects when they could be out in a field somewhere being taught what is REALLY important; like how to use a mobile phone, how to understand the football league tables, how to pronounce correctly all the four-letter words in current use or how to write fan letters to One Direction.

    In fact, why bother to send them to school at all? We still have unemployment benefit, don’t we?

    I hope no parent with any commonsense would be stupid enough to join in with this campaign.

    1. ... or how to fly the flag up the right way?

    2. Treehouse Nursery in Wanstead pilots national outdoor learning initiative for Redbridge