Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Just another Day at Oakfield

Despite very cold weather for late April, Sunday’s open charity day on Oakfield was a splendid success, enjoyed by hundreds of families. Whether playing, spectating or enjoying the fun activities and refreshments on offer, everyone contributed to a great day for charity.

Following two colts’ and alongside two senior cricket matches, the main event was a highly entertaining 6-a-side football tournament (which was played with good spirit throughout, and very competitively in the final!). The prizes were handed out by Dalton Grant. On behalf of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust he also accepted a cheque for £50,000 from Tim Cross, the event organiser who flew in specially from Florida for the occasion. This amount had been raised at similar events held on Oakfield over the past 6 years. More needed money was raised on the day and this will be added to the donation in due course.

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust promotes world-class research and clinical excellence in the development of life-changing treatments and care for people with this debilitating disease.

Dalton Grant is a three time Olympian representative for GB and was a board director of the London 2012 Olympic bid team. As a high jumper he won National Championships. His personal best jump is 2.36 metres at the World Championships in Tokyo where he set a world record jump of 2.32 metres for an opening height.

Dalton is a Londoner who has been captain of the Great Britain & NI team. On hearing that Oakfield may be targeted for development he said, “As a board director of the London 2012 Olympic bid team, I can’t understand how the Council can be thinking of getting rid of such a great ground as this. Let’s face it, this is a fantastic venue for sport for people throughout east London! Let’s encourage more not less healthy sport.

Chris Nutt
For SOS and Old Parks Association (who kindly provided the ground and facilities for the day)

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  1. Why didn't I see this in Redbridge Life ? Local annual fundraising for charity,community volunteers. Oh yes, i forgot, nimby exclusive old boys club that stands in the way of progress. I once sat couple of seats from Dalton Grant on a transatlantic flight (economy!). Charming bloke, pity he's become a pawn in the Oakfield propoganda machine.

    Come on housing cheerleaders, where are you? Cat got your tongue.