Monday, April 04, 2016

Introducing Merlene Emerson
– The Liberal Democrat Number 3

I am delighted to have the opportunity to share with your readers why they should vote for “Caroline Pidgeon’s London Liberal Democrats” on the orange ballot paper.

Our Mayoral Candidate is Caroline Pidgeon an experienced Assembly Member who has served Londoners well over the last 8 years. She is Deputy Chair of the Transport Committee and Police and Crime Committee in City Hall and has commissioned her own reports on subjects as varied as tackling Knife Crime and on London’s Missing Children.

Caroline is also No.1 on the Liberal Democrat London-wide list. At No.2 is Emily Davey, a housing solicitor and expert, and I am at No. 3, a City solicitor turned Community Mediator, RJ Practitioner and Housing Association Chair.

If elected, I will be able to bring to the Assembly not only my legal and mediation skills, but also first hand knowledge and experience of the social housing sector to solve London’s housing crisis. The Liberal Democrats have an “Olympic” plan to build 200,000 new homes including 50,000 on social rent over the next 4 years.

My track record over the last 12 years speaks for my commitment to public service. I have worked with the Electoral Commission and organisations such as Operation Black Vote and BC Project to reach out to hard to reach segments of society to encourage their political participation.

I have also over the years campaigned on issues of concern to Londoners, from workers in the catering industry, to stopping the proliferation of gambling outlets in deprived areas, to better elderly housing, care and support for our ageing society.

Born in Singapore, I came to London when I was 18 as a law student. If elected, I will be the first British Chinese/SE Asian Assembly candidate across all parties. I will be able to give a voice to the under represented and empower all those who feel they are invisible.

My background and international perspective will also work for the benefit of City Hall as I want to ensure London stays competitive, continue to attract inward investment in growth industries (not just fuelling the housing market) and create more jobs for our young people.

Finally regardless of your political affiliation, I am sure you will agree that we need a multi-party and diverse Assembly to hold the Mayor to account and to deliver for all Londoners.

Merlene Toh Emerson
eMail: Twitter: @merleneemerson
Facebook: Merlene for GLA Website:


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  1. Could somebody please explain to me how building hundreds more houses in London is going to solve the overcrowding of our schools, hospitals and transport system?

    1. You build new schools, hospitals and transport alongside the homes.

      The homes pay a community infrastructure Levy(CIL) to pay for these services.

      The bigger question is if don't build the homes then we don't get the fund to do this and the same people still live here but in more crowded conditions.

    2. I'm with Patsy11:13 pm, April 13, 2016


      So where are all the additional schools, hospitals and public transport to accommodate the rise in population from the new homes that have ALREADY been built?

      AND we still have homeless people and people in “crowded conditions”. Did you get that? New homes just attract new people in who can afford them. What are we doing for those who are already here?