Thursday, April 28, 2016

How Marketing doesn’t Work

Having read about the furore over the “racial profiling” being employed by the Zac Goldsmith campaign, and hearing it defended at our hustings by Keith Prince as simply “marketing” and then seeing this tweet:
Amazon is a $250 billion dollar company that reacts to you buying a vacuum by going THIS GUY LOVES BUYING VACUUMS HERE ARE SOME MORE VACUUMS
I thought I’d write about some recent experiences.

But first, surnames. I know a female Catholic with the surname Goldstein, and a Jewish female with the surname MacDonald. If you are going to profile people you don’t just need accurate data, you need informed data plus you need to use it intelligently.

So I purchase a new washing machine from an online company who I won’t name. It was a good deal and the white goods shop in Barkingside High Street where I bought the previous one is long gone. It arrives; I unpack it and install it. It works; everything is fine. Then I get inundated with emails saying please complete our survey with a chance to win ……. a new washing machine! I just bought one you idiot! Somebody has really put some thought into that campaign.

And then there are telephone cold callers. The thing with these people is that as soon as they realise you are not interested they usually just hang up, which is most impolite and very bad manners. The really well trained, professional and bright ones will conclude by saying something like “well you know where we are if you do need us, thank you for your time” but they are few and far between.

I had one yesterday from a youngish sounding male who purportedly is opening a new shop in Barkingside High Street later this year and asking which of these three special offers would you be interested in? Having said I wouldn’t be interested in any of them (at which point he hung up) I was about to say “but if you give me your details I will give you a plug on our Shop Watch website as we do like to support our High Street and local economy”. But of course he didn’t hear it – a missed opportunity.

Here endeth the lesson.

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  1. And Sainsburys giving you a voucher for bonus points for coffee which expires long before you will have finished the jar you are just about to put in your shopping bag.