Friday, April 22, 2016

For England, St George & Barkingside

It’s that time of year again so it’s time to raise a glass and hoist the flag to celebrate our Patron Saint, St. George. And just for Alfred I’ve checked me lanyard to make sure it’s not upside down or back to front.

And there’s plenty to keep you occupied on the day.

If you’re not going to Belgium with our Mayor there’s the Antique and Vintage Fair down in Wanstead (in Snaresbrook ward), a Bluebell Spring walk in Claybury Park (in Fairlop ward), or the St George’s Day event featuring Punch & Judy (played by Jas Athwal and Paul Canal) in Barkingside (also in Fairlop ward).

Note of explanation:
According to the Redbridge council (Labour Party) submission (it's big at 34Mb, even bigger than the Conservative submission at 29Mb) for the ward boundary review, “the identity of our current wards is well established and well-known to the residents”. Yeah! Right.

They also say they are “reluctant to break well-established community/residents groups which have taken many years to establish and build up membership such as …. Barkingside 21”. Well, frankly we don't see this as a problem as we have members in Dorset. Linclolnshire, Spain as well as Bridge, Roding, Wanstead, Chadwell, Valentines, Seven Kings, Hainault, Fullwell, Fairlop, Clayhall, Barkingside, Aldborough .....

Ask anyone who lives in Fullwell ward where they live and they will tell you either Clayhall (IG5) or Barkingside (IG6). In fact “Clayhall Agenda 21” was our original name. Here’s a run down of how that changed.

And “minimal changes to notice boards (ed: largely devoid of current notices) with ward names … changes [that] would cost the Authority, in these austere times, in excess of £100,000.” Like the one that is regularly updated in Fullwell ward (by us) and bears the name “Barkingside”, or the one in Barkingside ward that bears the name “Gants Hill” after the residents down that way objected to the name “Barkingside” that ward councillors decided was appropriate. Or those boards bearing the now defunct “Area Committee” signage? Did they consider that cost when abolishing ACs? I’m surprised they didn’t mention the litter bins in Fairlop ward that bear the name “Barkingside” …

Anyway, the flag will be out again on 10th June for the start of the Euros football tournament. Whatever the result on 23rd June I’m hoping that Spurs & Leicester England will still be in Europe on 10th July.

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