Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Roding on the Storm

Roding (for those unfamiliar with Redbridge ward terminology that's the eastern bit of South Woodford) Councillor Sarah Blaber has announced that she is standing down from Redbridge Council and there will be a by-election held on 5th May coinciding with the London Mayor and Assembly elections.

Not unexpected as she has moved to Folkstone. A good enough reason.

We do not know, as yet, who the candidates will be but we expect a full field in the race. The Liberal Democrats will be keen to regain the seat they lost in 2014, the Conservatives obviously will want to hold on to what they have and Labour will be eyeing an opportunity to increase their majority, with the Greens and UKIP looking to capitalise on any weaknesses and maybe even a surprise Roding Independence (Rexit) candidate.

We also do not know of any Roding ward based community association who intend to hold any hustings.

We give Sarah our best wishes for whatever her future holds.

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