Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ian’s Wildlife Oasis

In the early summer of 2006 I bumped into local resident Ian Cox, who was then employed by Redbridge Council as a librarian at Fullwell Cross. He suggested that Barkingside 21 should have a blog, pointing to the one he had started a few months earlier, and saying it was really easy. And so it came to pass, this blog started on 29th June 2006.

Sometimes it’s difficult to spot when things are missing, but I had noticed that Ian had stopped posting on his blog, figured he might be ill, and so made a point of calling in when next passing by. He wasn’t there, and nor was his wildlife Oasis in the front garden. Instead there was a bleak For Sale sign and a peak through the front room window revealed an expanse of floorboards.

Ian was a lover of nature and wildlife, particularly birds and hedgehogs, as you can see from the Google Earth capture of what his front garden used to look like – and his rear garden was much the same. Sadly I suspect that will now be replaced by the sterile and proverbial rear garden bungalow.

We wish Ian a fond farewell.

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