Friday, March 04, 2016

Garden Grab in Old Barkingside – Episode V

The planning application to build 4 terraced houses at the rear of the cottages in Tanners Lane next door to Sainsburys and facing into Sandringham Gardens is back. The previous application was withdrawn on 11 January for “commercial reasons” but has now been resubmitted. It seems to be exactly the same as the last application for which the officer’s recommendation was Grant Approval.

The latest application number is 0402/16 and the papers and objections can be viewed online here. One interesting feature is that this time the papers include a “Certificate of Ownership”, whatever that means.

This is what it looks like now.

This is the plan.

And this is the footprint.

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  1. Well it will stop the staff of Bernardo's head office parking there,,,,,sainsburys needs to do something too for Barbados visitors park in their car park too....gets on me nerves .....can't help it ....big building like that should have had more parking spaces