Monday, March 28, 2016

Domestic Violence Awareness Week
– Always Protecting Victims

Always Protecting Victims is a charity in the making currently being set up by local resident Pauline Fynn, herself a survivor of Domestic Abuse. Here she writes about Domestic Violence Awareness Week and why it is vital to spread the message …

This week from 28th March to 1st April it is Domestic Violence Awareness Week. Domestic violence and abuse is continuous patterns of behaviour of power and control over another escalating to violence and at its worst homicide. Therefore, it is only right that our thoughts should go out to families that have lost loved ones due to controlling and violent perpetrators. Our thoughts should also go out to victims that want to "break the cycle" but haven't fully reached that point. But also we must share joy for victims that have had the courage to walk away, stay strong, speak out and survive.
It is my belief that what goes behind closed doors should not stay behind closed doors, it is a crime and I also believe that we, as a community, must look out for each other and help each other to prevent harm to others.
Domestic violence is not selective, it can happen to anyone from your next door neighbour to a celebrity, from same sex relationships to heterosexual relationships to young people. The numbers of violence against women tend to be higher but let's not make the mistake that it does not happen to male victims because it does, still very under reported but we must encourage them to speak out.
Whilst it will never be easy to completely eradicate this kind of behaviour a good starting point to reduce it would be to address mindsets such as, "he/she asked for it" or "he/she made me do it" or "he/she is the problematic one."
If you are suffering in silence and reading this please know there is help out there for you and there is absolutely no need for you or your children to endure this kind of behaviour. If you are a neighbour or you are a family member that knows someone that is suffering please don't turn your back on them, help them and encourage them to seek help.
We cannot and should not turn our backs to this "silent" crime.
Pauline Fynn
Pauline is booked as the guest speaker at our July Coffee Morning on Tuesday 26th.

Here’s Nour/DV


  1. This is not correct, domestic abuse does not always lead to violence as this post reads.

    Having worked in this field for many years i also think it's important that you don't just tell victims to get help you point them in the right direction.

    National domestic violence help line - 0808 2000 247

  2. Anonymous person, all of us who support this are survivors of domestic abuse and we need positive feedback please for this new charity, and of course we will tell victims about support and numbers, along with guiding them through. Sadly the above number you have given is one that nearly every lady i have ever helped, says she cant get through to!

    The best people to help victims are people who themselves have experienced such abuse, so when they walk in to a room even without words they know how the victim feels!
    Pauline is an amazing lady, one whose passion to help others is over whelming, as are the ladies on board with her to make changes and reach out to everyone we can.
    So please, we need support and gratitude to Barkingside21!

  3. I can assure you that I am not trying to upset anyone, I was simply ensuring that the correct information is shared.

    You wouldn't want a victim not coming forward because they have not suffered from physical violence.

    I support anyone that wants to help, it's a tough field but it's also just as important that victims are guided by trained officers as well as receiving the support that APV provides.

    1. I understand!

      And so you are not concerned we are all trained! As well as being survivors!

      Everything has been thought about and covered.

  4. There's also the national body Victim Support at
    Although I can't see any specific mention of DV/DA on the home page it is clear from our council pages that the local branch do. Click the link for location, opening hours and telephone.
    I would guess that Relate encounter and deal with these issues too.

  5. This is such a great program I believe because many times the victim does not have the ability to get the word out about the trouble they are facing. If they had an avenue like this to express themselves, more attention could help these victims to get up and out of that situation and stand up for themselves once again.

  6. I'm glad to see your organization is doing its best to promote domestic violence awareness. I feel that this awareness is one of the best tools to combat domestic violence. So many times, victims are so afraid that they are unaware that they are even victims. This will also help friends of victims notice the signs as well.