Saturday, February 20, 2016

Why do we hate politics?

The Sir Bernard Crick Centre and Shout Out UK video explores anti-politics and political disengagement.

Professor Matthew Flinders, Director of the Sir Bernard Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics, has explored public attitudes towards politics and politicians in a new video, released with Shout Out UK and Democracy Matters, and funded by the ESRC.

The short video is aimed at 16-24 year olds, and is the first in a series of videos which aim at making complex issues accessible to a new audience, and promoting debate. Following on from “Why do we hate politics” will be videos on the UK’s constitutional future; and our place in the European Union. The videos form part of a wider ESRC Knowledge Exchange project which included a series of “Discussing Democracy” public events held across the UK between July and December 2015, led by Titus Alexander, Convener of Democracy Matters.

Professor Flinders said: “Against a backdrop of long-term trends of falling voter turnout, low trust in politicians and dissatisfaction with the political system, I wanted to explore why people might hate politics and politicians. This video seeks to cut through the academic jargon and consider what practical steps can be done to restore public trust and boost political engagement."

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