Friday, February 26, 2016

Save King George Hospital
- Campaign Re-launch

At a packed meeting in the Lambourne Room in the Town Hall last night (Thursday 25 Feb) the campaign to Save King George Hospital was re-launched. I’m not sure I have been to a meeting with so much passion in the air. Wes Streeting MP is heading up the campaign, but the main man behind the scenes is Lloyd Duddridge. This is most definitely not a party political affair, all political persuasions were there and let us not forget the role played by the previous MP, Lee Scott.

Also on hand were Dr Tony O’Sullivan and Vicky Penner. Dr O’Sullivan is a paediatric consultant at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust and co-chair of the Keep Our NHS public group, and Ms Penner led the successful save Lewisham Hospital A&E campaign.

Wes Streeting said: “Since the A&E closure plan was agreed a lot has changed. Our population has increased significantly, King George has outperformed Queens, both the NHS trusts covering Redbridge have been in special measures and GPs are struggling to cope”.

“We’re calling on the Government to re-open the closure decision, look at the situation in north east London with a fresh pair of eyes and think again.”

Data recently released through a Freedom of Information request show that in January last year there were no acute care beds available in Queens on every day bar one and that during that time 13 patients in need of emergency care were transferred to KGH.

Lee Burkwood said: “we must also hold the Clinical Commissioning Group to account on the other services currently being contracted out to private companies. We’ve got a massive fight to preserve our NHS over the next few years.”

On that note it may be appropriate to view this video, Sell-Off – The Movie. It lasts 59 minutes but it’s well worth watching.

On a final note, one notable person who was missing at this meeting was Mike Gapes MP. He is still convalescing from an aneurysm last year and says he owes his life to the NHS. For the full story on his experience as a patient see the Huffington Post.

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  1. I have been writing articles and letters to newspapers for many months detailing the way in which the local Clinical Commissioning Group has been slowly but very surely eroding patient services in the Redbridge area to the extent that the Galleon and Heronwood wards at Wanstead are now closed; a closure advocated by the government and enthusiastically endorsed by Redbridge CCG. This is the same organisation which is now avidly championing the closure of the A&E department at King George Hospital despite the overwhelming public and informed professional pressure for its retention

    There have been many bad decisions for the NHS made by various governments since the service’s inception but by far the worst was made by Andrew Lansley in his short but disastrous incumbency as Health Secretary when he founded these Clinical Commissioning Groups to oversee the local professional and financial management of the NHS. These groups are, and were intended to be, run largely by local doctors and other medical staff and they have now become extremely powerful. Their perceived activity seems to indicate that they consider their existence to be God-given and their decisions beyond question. Unfortunately, however good they may be as clinicians, their many years of medical training does not qualify them as financial or management consultants.

    It is becoming increasingly obvious that however powerful the public outcry might be against any CCG decision, especially those backed by the government, however many thousands of well-meaning citizens, politicians or civic dignitaries protest, the CCG will override them. ‘We are doctors, we know best. Don’t tell us what to do. Go away you ignorant little people!’

    So it was very refreshing to see that packed meeting at the Lambourne room on Thursday evening, under the very capable and sincere leadership of M.P., Wes Streeting. I hope all who read this will join in the campaign to keep King George A&E open and running well into the future. Public protest has been shown to achieve official policy reversals and in this case it might well happen. Power to your elbow, Wes, the best M.P. we have ever had!