Thursday, February 11, 2016

Green Mayoral Hopeful to Visit Oakfield

Well, I did say it wouldn’t take long. Just before Christmas we had Zac Goldsmith (Conservative Candidate for London Mayor) and Keith Prince (Conservative London Assembly candidate for Havering & Redbridge) visiting the threatened Oakfield playing fields.

We can now announce that Sian Berry (Green candidate for London Mayor) and Lee Burkwood (Green London Assembly candidate for Havering & Redbridge) will be paying a visit on the 1st of next month …

It will be very interesting to hear what they have to say but we expect it to be positive, at least from our point of view. Political support is piling up, what with local MP Wes Streeting also supporting the Save Oakfield campaign.

It is expected that Sian and Lee will be at Oakfields at about 1pm on Tuesday 1st March and afterwards will be walking down to Fullwell Cross roundabout to see the traffic and then the new Town Square. Given the organiser’s predilection for a pint of real ale I expect them to end up in the New Fairlop Oak for a chat with B21 and other locals …

We expect the other candidates to be along shortly, possibly maybe by bus?


  1. Will the 462 be running down Forest Road by then?

    1. Three will probably turn up at once ...