Saturday, February 06, 2016

Getting around in Redbridge – Mobility for the Disabled and Elderly to be cut

It seems that there is a Redbridge budget proposal to scrap the Redbridge Mobility scheme and the affected groups are mobilising, while they still have the chance, to voice their opposition at the Cabinet meeting next Tuesday.

Liz Kite, Secretary, Redbridge and District U3A writes:
“We have just become aware that Redbridge Council want to stop Mobility Transport.
Dial-a Ride plus the Taxi Card Scheme will continue but as we all know, they are not adequate and not often able to get clients to places at the requested times.
The meeting of Redbridge Council [Cabinet] is at the Town Hall on Tuesday 9th February. Doors to gallery open at 7,00 p.m. for 07.15 start.
It would be good if as many people as possible came along to the meeting to show their disapproval of the very idea of making this cut. Virtually all the Redbridge groups dealing with older and disabled folk are getting involved and as many as possible are needed to show the strength of feeling against such a possible move. The Ilford Recorder are supporting our opposition and will be taking photographs outside the town Hall. So come along if only for that.
The official response from Redbridge Council is here:

Any decisions made by Cabinet will go to Full Council on 3rd March so if you can’t make it next Tuesday there is still a back-stop.

In the meantime there is also a public meeting of the Redbridge Transport Action Group, organized by Transport for All on the afternoon of 15 February at the Redbridge CVS offices in Clements Road.

Meanwhile transport issues abound with complaints that Dial-a-ride drivers are getting PCNs (Penalty Charge Notices) for dropping off elderly people outside Central Library Ilford for meetings of the Redbridge Pensioners Group and eternal campaigner Ron Jeffries is “livid” that Brett Tarmac are holding their community consultation and exhibition on the next round of gravel extraction at Redbridge Football Club in Station Road and not local to the community most affected.

Mind you Brett Tarmac have offered to provide a mini-bus service, so perhaps they may wish to consider taking over the Redbridge scheme full time?


  1. If I could find a search facility on this blog I could probably find the answer to the first part of this query for myself but, as no such facility appears to exist, here goes:

    Unless my memory is deceiving me, surely this matter of Dial-a-Ride drivers receiving PCNs for stopping outside the library has been raised before and, on that occasion, the council backed down over the issue.

    If that is so, when did the council go back on this decision and what are their reasons for doing so?

    If the Dial-a-Ride drivers comply with this ruling, there will be no change to the council's income from PCNs so the oft quoted Government Budget Cuts excuse doesn't wash. To inflict so much pain and suffering on those less mobile than themselves on a whim is nothing short of evil.

    Perhaps the electorate will remember that when they next have the opportunity to register their discontent at the Ballot Box ...?

    1. You do have a search facility - it is the browser of your choice.

      The only reference I can find on this blog is a comment from Jawal1 in March 2013. Click!

      But you are correct in your memory because at the same time, March 2013, we have this: "John Coombes of Redbridge Pensioners' Forum happy about Redbridge Council and TfL deal to allow Dial-a-Ride buses to drop members off at Redbridge Central Library" Click!

      What it's doing in the Watford Observer though, I don't know ...

  2. If only one of those passengers has a disabled badge then they( daily a ride) should appeal it

  3. I didn't see the TV programme on Parking in Redbridge so was the "problem" regarding Dial-a-Ride being ticketed outside the Central Library covered? That investigation certainly stirred the Council to comment on it via Redbridge-i. Whereas there was criticism of APCOA, the 'ethos' under which they operate has come from Redbridge Council. As anyone who has had to deal with the Council over PCNs already knows, this TV investigation has been an accident waiting to happen.

    There is no reason why, under existing rules, TfL could not apply via the Public Carriage Office for Dial-a-Ride to become a "Private Hire Operator" (like "minicabs") but drivers would need retraining which may be an issue. TfL could also, in theory, turn Dial-a-Ride services into bus routes but this would entail amending the current agreement with London Buses Limited. Again, there would be issues regarding driver training.

    Is this a problem in other Boroughs and, of not, why not?

    "jkm"'s comment is a valid one. If you receive a penalty charge notice (PCN - usually issued by Contractors employed by the Local Authority - APCOA for Redbridge) then you have a legal right to challenge it. An astonishingly high percentage of PCNs are rescinded on appeal and the most common reason for doing so is missing or misleading signage (including road markings). Only about 1% of PCNs issued are appealed. About 10% are rescinded by the issuing authority when challenged - the first step in the appeals process. Of the remainder, that go to arbitration, 50% are rescinded.

    There is info here

    If you receive a PRIVATE penalty charge notice issued for alleged unlawful parking in e.g. a supermarket car park then it is an INVOICE and is not legally enforceable (although you could be sued by the property owner but this is very rare - it costs them money).

    There is info here

    The CAB will help and have provided info on their website click here

    Local Authorities are obliged by law to inform the public of their rights and Redbridge have done so

    click here

  4. Quote:

    "If you receive a penalty charge notice ... then you have a legal right to challenge it. An astonishingly high percentage of PCNs are rescinded on appeal and the most common reason for doing so is missing or misleading signage ..."

    ... but not in Redbridge, even when the council is overruled!

    You can watch the programme here.

    As far as the Dial-a-Ride problem is concerned, Redbridge must have written the regulations which created this no entry or stopping zone, so why can they not simply amend them to specifically include Dial-a-Ride? The usual sheer bloody mindedness, I suppose ...

  5. Only a matter of time before those making the decisions to cut corners for the elderly/disabled will find themselves with their own arses out - Yes, if you are fit and healthy you feel you are invincible enough to do away with such transport services but once your own abilities dry up and drop off, then woe is you...!