Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cut to Mobility Scheme Withdrawn – Maybe?

There is a lot of joy on social media today due to the announcement by the Leader of Redbridge council that the proposed budget cut to the Redbridge Mobility Service has been withdrawn. However, let’s not get too carried away and read the actual words …

The highlighted bits are my emphasis:

Statement from Cllr Jas Athwal, Leader of the Council
"Following Tuesday night’s Cabinet, where we heard from a number of local people on the budget proposal to cut the Redbridge Mobility Card Scheme, I have spoken to officers and have decided to withdraw this proposal.
We have listened very carefully to all of the views on this item and on reflection we have decided not to take this option forward. This is a democratic process, and the publishing of the budget options allows us to consult with residents before making a final decision. Yesterday’s meeting showed very clearly what an impact this decision will have on the lives of vulnerable members of our community, and that had a significant impact on me and my fellow Cabinet Members.
We have some extremely difficult decisions to make so it’s vital that we hear residents views on the impact of these decisions and this also means acting on them if, after listening, we can see it’s something we shouldn’t go forward with. The Redbridge Mobility Card Scheme is clearly a vital and well used resource and after consideration, we feel it’s right to withdraw this proposal as it currently stands. The Cabinet will now look at other alternatives to find this saving and will also review the Mobility Card Scheme in light of the consultation undertaken. There will be full consultation on any revised scheme."
Of course it could mean the review will recommend improving the service but given the financial constraints I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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