Sunday, January 17, 2016

Spin or Reality? London’s Environment

This, below, Environment Newsletter from Matthew Pencharz, Deputy Mayor (appointed not elected) of London for Environment and Energy.

Whilst I’m sure Matthew is doing his best, and there are pluses like the London Array, we should note that there are also one or two roadblocks put in place by Boris’s mates further up stream. Not least the disincentives for domestic Solar panels and insulation, not to mention air pollution exceeding safe and legal levels.
London is growing at the fastest rate in history – over 100,000 new Londoners a year. By 2030 we expect to have ten million people living here. This growth brings challenges for London. More importantly, it also offers many opportunities. 
With all these extra citizens in mind, we’re working on several programmes to sustain and improve London. This includes:
  • creating the right conditions for a reliable and low carbon energy supply
  • making buildings more energy efficient
  • ensuring our water supply is clean and reliable
  • moving the city towards a circular economy
  • collecting rainwater through sustainable drainage, which also helps with flood management
  • creating attractive places for people to work, visit and relax in
  • ensuring our air is clean and that green space is enhanced
There's much to do to ready London for the future. This is a great opportunity for collective minds and technology to help us make life in London even better.
Matthew Pencharz, Deputy Mayor of London for Environment & Energy
Some nice food for thought here for when the canvassers come knocking on your door ….
Did I mention the election this coming May for a new London Mayor and Assembly?


  1. 10 million, that's about 1/7th of the population. So why have the Scots Nats (total population about 6 million) got 59 seats in

    10 million of us and 72 M.P.s - that's one for every 100,000 Londoners more or less. Scottish M.P.s only represent about 850,000 people. Something wrong here - and not just our ridiculous first-past-the-post system which means that the ScotNats get 59 seats for 5 million votes and the Greens and UKIP two seats for a similar number. Regardless of what you think of their politics, none of this democracy as I understand it.

  2. A circular economy? What the heck does that Mean? More jargon designed to distance our Councilors from real life. Speak proper English please