Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy Days in Redbridge?

It seems that Redbridge is the third happiest borough in London. At least according to an analysis of tweets on Twitter. Timeout today. Not sure they’ve been reading my timeline …

A usually reliable local Labour Party source has put this down to the new “refreshing” administration since 2014. However, as usual with this type of analysis there is no objective measure of how much they are “happy”, only that they are “happier” than others, so they could actually still be quite miserable. Also there is no indication of how big the difference is between top and bottom nor what the trend is – are we on the up or on the down?

To put it in perspective the fourth happiest borough came out as Barking & Dagenham which only last August was identified as the number one worst place to live in the UK – also Timeout.

Other studies include:

Newham is Number 1

This one gives a score rating to the happiness level

Property wise we’re number 17

And by postcode we’re mid table mediocrity not even getting a mention


  1. Clearly none of the respondents live in those areas of Redbridge where burglary is the highest. IG2, IG4, IG5 and IG6. In numbers terms the worst in London as a Borough. Seems like community safety is not high. How much money has been wasted over the last years on short term problem solving that doesn't work.

  2. Here's the link - Click!

    These figures are misleading. They refer to "claims" not actual burglaries. There are many people in poorer areas who either do not have insurance, can't get insurance, or the value of what is stolen is less than the increase in premium if a claim is made and so don't bother.
    The data from Redbridge Police bears this out and I suspect it is true also for the UK as a whole.

  3. If they are claims of burglary then they are recorded as such and only when there is clear and unequivocal evidence that no offence took place are they no crimed and therefore don't appear in the police figures. In terms of having no insurance etc surely it is more likely that if anything there is an under reporting of burglary. I don't think the police are overly concerned about whether a victim is insured or not but whether there is an offence. All allegations of burglary must be investigated because if nothing else the local enquiries made may result in intelligence being gathered - leading to arrests?

  4. Not for long....