Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Right Royal Mess

It seems that Kalvin S thinks “Clayhall is looking very trashy lately” and Nicholas Smith thinks “Aldborough Hatch is looking filthy dirty lately”. There is also Ali Hai down in Seven Kings who is forever moaning about litter, but to his credit he does go out and pick it up.

So, we come to the latest wheeze on trying to get people to keep their communities spick and span, clean and tidy. And I’m very disappointed that we have to resort to Her Majesty’s 90th birthday to get attention. This should be something we all do all the time. As I have written on here before, it’s not somebody else’s problem, it’s yours and you need to take some responsibility.

Here’s the notice from Redbridge Council

Our Queen turns 90 in 2016 and Keep Britain Tidy are launching a national campaign to clean up the UK in honour of her birthday!
Redbridge Council is encouraging and supporting community groups, schools, businesses, colleagues, families, friends and individuals to get involved by litter picking (no matter how big or small!) at a point of your choosing between 27th Feb – 6th March 2016.
Let’s take pride in our borough, draw awareness to the litter which makes our neighbourhoods look messy and costs the council 4 million a year to tidy up and get it clean for the Queen! 
There are four main ways to get involved:
  1. Register your family/self or group at www.cleanforthequeen.co.uk and plan a litter pick in your area/school/workplace. The website has more info, resources and tips for you!
  2. Share the idea with friends, family and colleagues.
  3. We are looking for groups to take part in some ‘flagship’ joint community litter picking events around the borough from the 27th Feb – 6th March, contact recycling@redbridge.gov.uk if you’d like to be one of them.
  4. Help us direct our people-power by nominating a ‘grot–spot’ – somewhere in the borough you know needs some TLC.
We’d love to hear that you’ve registered and how you’re planning to take part so we can share good news! Do drop us a line at recycling@redbridge.gov.uk, Tweet us @LBRrecycling and fill in our ‘Clean Up Tally’ on our website – www.redbridge.gov.uk.
Barkingside 21 has a track record of holding events on a specific subject that fall outside the official week when they are supposed to take place. We are like that. We do things when it suits us. So we will just carry on as normal as this is just part of what we do anyway.

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  1. But now - let's have some action please. On Saturday 27th February from 10am to 12noon, the Aldborough Hatch Defence Association, of which I am Chairman, will be taking part in the CLEAN-UP FOR THE QUEEN - a national project to get Britain tidy again in time for the Queen's Birthday this year. So far a dozen or so residents of Aldborough Hatch have signed up to take part. Redbridge Recycling are backing us with the supply of materials to help us in the task - so if you are able to lend a hand, please contact me at ronjeffries@live.co.uk or by telephone 020 8599 72450. We meet at St. Peter's Church Halls on 27th February between 9.30am and 10am - tea and coffee will be served to send us on our way rejoicing. You do NOT have to live in the Hatch to take part. Look forward to hearing from you. We last did this in 2013 - I say "we" but in fact having sent folk off with litter-picks and black sacks, I was whisked off to King George Hospital with a gangrenous appendix, so I saw nothing of the action. But this time I am determined to be there and look forward to welcoming Good Folk from Barkingside 21 - and that includes John and Alan!