Wednesday, December 23, 2015

COP (OUT) 21
– Result Predicted in 1960s Sci-fi Novel

It’s a long time since I read the Foundation trilogy by Isaac Asimov so my memory may be a bit off, but this is what stayed with me.

The Galactic Empire is crumbling. So they send all the brainy people, who look after the galactic knowledge with the Encylcopdia Galactica, off to a remote planet called Terminus on the edge of the Galaxy.

As the Empire crumbles Terminus loses contact and becomes isolated. They then find that their neighbouring planets are warlike and hostile and have nuclear weapons. Since Terminus doesn’t have any means to defend itself it opens up negotiations to maintain a peaceful existence. After lengthy negotiations a large documented agreement is approved.

Then a team of linguists go through it to see what exactly has been agreed. They found nothing. Zilch, a big fat zero. In effect there was no agreement at all, just a lot of meaningless words and hot air.

This is what happened earlier this month in Paris. The “shalls” got changed to “shoulds” etc etc.

Judge not people by what they say, but by what they do.

Happy Christmas
Helena Handcart


  1. Perhaps the great and the good – and the brains – have come to their senses at last and they’ve all finally realised that climate change has been happening since the world began and it is absolutely unstoppable by anything as frail as the human race.

    1. Arnold Schwarzenegger4:12 pm, December 24, 2015

      Dear Alfred,
      I don’t give a **** if we agree about climate change.
      Read on ...

  2. Alfred Scrambledeggar6:21 pm, December 24, 2015

    Dear me! Why do global warming religionists always change the subject when confronted with logic? Pollution is NOT the same thing as global warming for one very good reason: pollution IS (largely) man-made and consequently man-reducable. I would never argue with that. G.W., as scores of eminent scientists have averred, will happen whatever man does.

  3. Alfred’s logic circuits seem to have malfunctioned.

    CO2 levels in the Earth’s atmosphere have risen dramatically since the Industrial Revolution when humans started burning fossil fuels – FACT

    CO2 is a Greenhouse gas – FACT. You can repeat the experiment in your kitchen. This is what is known as SCIENCE, not religion based on beliefs, opinion, bias or prejudice, but SCIENCE backed up by observable evidence and experiment.

    If humans stop burning fossil fuels we do not stop Global Warming, the damage has already been done, but we do stop making the situation any worse. This may, or may not if we have already passed the tipping point, give us some breathing space to figure out how to adapt to our Brave New World with a 6 metre rise in sea levels.

    Maybe evolution will give us gills that work with ocean acidification? Maybe.

  4. At this time of year the North Pole is in 24/7 darkness. Last week temperatures were 50ºC above normal, that's above freezing point and it's Winter.
    Happy New Year