Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Christmas Present in Barkingside
- A Taste of Christmas Future

Barkingside 21 is very disappointed that our brand new (and very expensive) Town Square has not been put to use to host an event to start the Christmas celebrations and switch on the lights. However, the dead Christmas tree in Virginia Gardens Pocket Park has been replaced and it is decorated with lights and there are “lights” of sorts on some of the lampposts. As one resident has put it:
Would any person come to Barkingside High Street to do Christmas shopping - half a dozen blue lights and 90% of the shops cannot be bothered to put a balloon in the window?
Happy Christmas to you all
To be fair, Cat Walk Pets did have a Christmas event and they looked very sparkly as I walked past today, as did Quidsaver (the Post Office), but they were the only two of note. And I have to say that the New Fairlop Oak is bedecked with decorations.

Anyway, we do have a new Notice Board, not that it is easy to use. Unlike its predecessor that was demolished in a road traffic accident, this one has no flap hinges so you either need two people (one to hold it up while the other does the notices) or hold it up with your head while you try to do the notices in the wind. You see it’s not a pin board like the last one. This is a magnetic board with magnets, except there are not enough magnets, the magnets keep getting blown off in the wind and fall out of their plastic housing and if you put them back in the wrong way round they don’t work.

And that’s not all. The actual board is bigger, which means it’s higher and you can’t reach the top without a small stepladder unless you happen to be 7 foot tall with extra long arms.

Anyway, being the resourceful chaps we are we have decorated the board on both sides with some festive cheer, see photos.

Barkingside, Better by Design


  1. It's sad that you approached your local Councillors and they refused to plan a Christmas event in collaboration with you.

    1. On the contrary, sir. I thought the Ugly Sisters performance at the Council Forum was pure pantomime...

  2. am, December 18, 2015

    Welcome to Barkingside.... I suppose!

  3. I too was sad to learn that the much heralded Town Square is to be empty at Christmas. A Christmas Market over a few days and some music would have been good - and make the Town Square project have some sort of purpose. All that money - and it is standing like a white elephant on a warm winter's day! Wake up Redbridge Council! Get real!