Friday, December 25, 2015

B21’s Christmas Day Message

Well, it’s Christmas Day at 3pm and time for me to address the people of Redbridge; the numbers for whom have recently been reduced by a whopping 17,000 thereby significantly reducing the pressure on housing demand and other local services.

Looking back it’s been a pretty uneventful year, more notable for the events that didn’t happen than for those that did.

We are still no nearer to finalising the Local Development Plan. It keeps getting kicked into the long grass every time we approach an election. This of course is just coincidence and has nothing to do with politicians not wanting to make a contentious decision which may affect their ratings at the ballot box. No. It’s all to do with getting all the facts and evidence together before a decision can be made. It sure is bringing Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle into sharp focus for the Save Oakfield campaigners.

So, what of other things? Well, we now have a new enforcement team tackling anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping etc. Except we don’t have the team yet, they are at less than half strength and it’s doubtful they will find their way up here to Barkingside anyway.

The promised new swimming pool is still, er well, a promise. However we do have the foundations for a new public toilet in Barkingside High Street. If the gestation period for the new Town Square is anything to go by this should be operational sometime in 2017. Speaking of the new Town Square, it stands idle and unused as an expensive monument to the false hope that there would be someone at the Town Hall to organise events after the staff cull. I do hope the last person to leave turned the lights off.

On a more positive note [sic!] the “bus stop” markings have appeared on Forest Road ready for the new 462 service to Fairlop Waters. It’s only taken 30 years and we haven’t got a bus service up to the cemetery, Business Park or cycle track. Still, it’s a start – let’s look on the bright side.

We have lost Bubbles in Tomswood Hill and Fullwell Autos on the roundabout (wipes tear from eye). The move of the Post Office has gone ahead and we have a new Tattoo shop next to Gala Bingo, well this is Essex. Glasbury has gone and now Drama and Music are under threat. However, we have a wooden henge entrance to Fairlop Waters and the long awaited Egg Whisk finally arrived at Gants Hill.

Anyway I’ve got some more waving and throne sitting to do so I’ll wish you all a Happy Christmas.

If, like me, you have your Christmas dinner in the evening, may your Brussels be firm and tasty. If you are lower class and had your Christmas dinner at lunchtime, may your Brussels repeat on you.


  1. Great about the loos, shame about lack of use of square :-(

  2. Where am I going to get my bike repaired without Fullwell Autos? It seems that as cycling gets more popular, more bike shops close.

    1. Well, Fulwell Autos is directly opposite a Wetherspoons pub so perhaps you should explore the connection?

      Ah yes! How about:

      Cycle King
      1088-1090 High Rd, Chadwell Heath RM6 4AB
      020 8597 6834

      A big shop, probably comparable with Fullwell Autos and on the opposite end of the block to another Wetherspoons hostelry, the Eva Hart.

      Another Wetherspoons is the George at Wanstead and, surprise, surprise, a couple of doors down on the other side of the High Street is:

      3 Cambridge Park, London E11 2PU
      Phone:020 8530 3305

      Some other possibilities which, alas, do not have a Wetherspoon connection are, in order of distance from Barkingside:

      Ciclos Uno
      37 New North Rd, Ilford IG6 2UE
      Phone:020 8500 1792

      Woodford Cycle Centre
      53a George Ln, London E18 1LN
      Phone:020 8989 3200

      The Cycle Store
      613 Green Ln, Ilford IG3 9RP
      Phone:020 8597 0266