Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christians Against Poverty
– Report from our Coffee Morning

Yesterday we had Helen and Usha from Christians Against Poverty come to speak at our coffee morning and I found it quite surprising and not at all what I expected.

They are a registered charity who deal mainly with debt counselling, home budget management and helping job seekers into employment. Their strapline being “Lifting people out of debt and poverty”.

Although a Christian organisation working primarily through churches their help and services are available to those of all faiths and none. The founder, John Kirkby, set the charity up in 1992 after his business failed and he found himself in crippling debt. “Even though I had helped lead finance companies, debt almost broke me”, he says.

Before getting help clients have reported missing meals (70%) with 26% doing so regularly. Debt can affect relationships (76%) with 23% saying it caused their relationship to break down entirely. 42% of clients were prescribed medication to deal with stress and 36% report that they had considered suicide as a way out. But it is largely an invisible problem with those affected probably being too embarrassed to seek help.

Working alongside other agencies like Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Credit Unions most of their work comes from referrals. And on the basis that prevention is better than cure their free money course teaches budgeting skills, a simple cash-based system that works, enabling you to take complete control of your finances. There are even specific courses for students, youths and kids.

They are active here in Redbridge so to find out where and make contact pop over to their website, type in your postcode and bingo.

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  1. I didn't pick this up till today, Black Friday, how ironic. It should be called Into the Red Friday as that is where it would like us all to go.