Friday, October 30, 2015

Wesley’s Tours

It seems our new Member of Parliament for Ilford North has taken on a new moonlighting role as a tour guide for the Houses of Parliament; and very good at it he is too. Yesterday, Thursday 29th October, he was host to three constituency groups, the KidsOwn holiday club, Redbridge Youth Council/MYPs and in the evening Barkingside 21. The two earlier groups didn’t get the full tour as Parliament and the Lords were sitting during the day, but we got the full treatment. Here we all are pictured in a location where photography is not permitted.

It is Wesley’s intention to invite as many Ilford North residents as possible to these tours and he will be looking for organisers from community, faith and other groups as well as schools and other bodies. You can contact his Mr Fix It here.

So, I’m not going to spoil it for you by telling all, but will give a brief glimpse of what we saw to whet your appetite. There were the mystery footprints, Henry VIII’s tennis balls, the vacant plinth reserved for a bust of Wes Streeting when he becomes Prime Minister, the deliberate odd floor tile and in the cupboard where Emily Wilding Davison hid on the night of the 1911 census there were three large back-up power battery packs but I didn’t see the solar panels from which they were being charged …

The other interesting factoid is that all the clocks, including the 4 clock faces on the Elizabeth Tower, incorrectly but commonly known as Big Ben, do not use the X symbol in the roman numerals for IX, X, XI and XII. I can’t tell you what symbol is used because it doesn’t seem to be included in Microsoft’s Character Map. And I’m not telling why this is – you will have to do the tour to find out.


  1. It was an extremely interesting evening. Thanks to the persistence and goodwill of our fledgling M.P., Wes Streeting, we saw much more of the House of Commons and The House of Lords which an ordinary tour would most certainly have left out. A totally absorbing visit! If his expertise as a politician is matched by his skill as a tour guide the electorate of Redbridge North is in very safe hands.

    Thank you B21 and thank you Wes Streeting.

  2. Many thanks for arranging the trip to HoP last night. Most interesting walk around an important building.
    Wes is showing signs of being a competent MP, not only his knowledge of his workplace, but his interest in local affairs.

  3. Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for helping to organise the tour of Parliament. We thoroughly enjoyed the night and it was nice to get to know Wes Streeting better.


  5. Thanks for organising this- great success!!

  6. Thank you for organising this excellent tour. Wes Streeting was a very enthusiastic guide and this together with his historical knowledge and research made the tour very interesting. I would thoroughly recommend the tour for any group that may be considering it in the future.