Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Redbridge Council to adopt New Mammoth Logo

Ever since the new administration captured Redbridge Town Hall in May 2014, they have been keen to ditch the mamby pamby eco Leaf logo introduced by the previous “greenest council ever” for something more representative and fitting for the new forward looking, streamlined, dynamic, lean and mean (except for councillors) organisation they wish to develop to deliver bargain-basement services fit for the 21st century to us, the residents and council tax payers of this here borough.

And so, befitting our history, and the one thing that our borough is best known for, they have opted for the skeleton of a Mammoth to represent the progress made since Ice Age Ilford, through 150,000 years, to the present day.

The official launch (without lunch, tea or biscuits) will be celebrated at the start of an exhibition at Redbridge Museum, Central Library, on Tuesday 27th October 2015, which will run until Saturday 4th June 2016. Times are Tuesday-Friday 10am – 5pm and on Saturdays 10am – 4pm. You will note that I have not mentioned Mondays or Sundays – these two days are subject to ongoing cuts in the “reduction of the week” programme.

This major exhibition brings to life the lost world of a bygone age when mammoths, elephants, rhinoceros, giant deer, wild cattle, lions and planning officers once roamed the streets of Ilford. The fossilised bones of spare rib takeaways and half-eaten petrified sandwiches from once frequent Town Hall buffets are now in the collections of the Natural History Museum and the British Geological Survey. Some of these finds will be returning home for a brief visit.

To learn about how these animals and planning officers became extinct, and the fossil hunters who made these astonishing discoveries then get down to Redbridge Museum and take a look.

Full details are available on the economy version of Redbridge-i here.


  1. I've checked and it definitely isn't the first of April.

  2. i have given up .... it seems asif the boroughs leaders etc are intent on ruining our lovely place to live

  3. You cannot be serious