Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Parking in Redbridge
– Just the Ticket?

Earlier this year, in July, we had a Redbridge Council Consultation on Parking provision within the borough. There were 1,659 responses from which a draft strategy is being developed and we are now at stage II where you can feed back and tell them if they are on the right track. It’s a short internet survey and it’s very heavy on strategic words and intentions, which hardly anybody could object to (Barnum statements), and short, well actually non-existent on any firm proposals on what exactly they propose to do. Go see for yourself.

We really need to challenge the myth that parking on High Streets helps business – it does not. 30 minute free parkers are not the type of customers High Streets need. Supermarkets and shopping Malls know this and provide parking away from the main shopping area, which is then safe, pollution free and a pleasant environment and, this is the key point, encourages shoppers to spend more. We need to start thinking about our High Streets in the same way, but this is only difficult because High Street traders do not see themselves as a collective and mutually dependent upon each other, sadly reflected in their lack of support for and involvement in the "Business Partnerships".

There are also two public meetings where you can feed back to the council with your views:

Wednesday 21 October at the Local Forum meeting
Prospect Hall Community Centre, 28 - 42 Prospect Road, Woodford Green IG8 7NA
6.30pm to 7.30pm - parking discussion
7.45pm to 8.45pm - regular Question Time

Monday 2 November, 7pm to 8.30pm
Fullwell Cross Library, 140 High Street Barkingside IG6 2EA

Before you do so you may wish to consider this interesting little fact. If the proportion of public space allocated to cars, as opposed to people, were replicated in the way we design homes, this is what we would end up with …

Courtesy Savvas Verdis


  1. Well of course it would, Mr. B21, because a car occupies about 80 square feet and a human about two (with a buggy about 6 and with one of those dangerous pavement car thingies with a trailer, like the one I saw yesterday in the High Street, still only about 10).

  2. i dont htink its the parking problems that put people off of using Barkingside nowadays.. i go there quite often and not only has it changed but the standard and cheekyness of driving is very off putting,,, and dangerous..

  3. The fault lies largely with retailers who do not work collectively to improve their businesses, working with the business partnerships to build a good offer for their High Street or parade. As they do none of this, ironically they eventually put themselves out of business and hence the multitude of pound stores, charity shops and fast food take aways.

    Yes it would be great if nobody drove to these shops, but without decent parking they would probably die even quicker. 30 minutes free parking, policed well, would ensure there were spaces available, and if required a reasonable charge for a hour with a punitive one for longer would churn the spaces well and be good for businesses. The first step must come from business owners in working together to plan, theme and regenerate THEIR parades.