Friday, October 02, 2015

New Bus route along Forest Road to commence on 9th January

Following the public consultation on the proposals to re-route the 462 bus route along Forest Road back in February and March this year, Transport for London report that they will be going ahead with a slightly amended version of the original proposal.

Don’t get your hopes up that it will serve the cemetery, the cycle centre or the Business Park at the end of the road, because it won’t. The slight amendment is to allow passengers to stay on the bus during its stand time at Limes Farm estate rather than having to get off, walk across the estate and get on again.

The consultation itself received 546 responses, 539 from members of the public and seven from stakeholders. 77% were in favour or partially in favour of the proposal, with 21% against with 2% undecided.

Subject to the necessary physical works for the new bus stops and stand being completed to schedule the new service is planned to commence on 9th January 2016.

For more details including the full consultation report and TfL's response to issues raised, please go to


  1. whilst I welcome any extension to a service; this half hearted approach to all those who have campaigned long & hard for the route to take in the Forest Rd Crem/Redridge Cycle Centre etc. Those who sat on the former Transport Liaison Committee got an agreement with both the Crem and the Cycle Centre that a bus could turn round within their boundaries if needed. Did the 21% 'against' happen to be those like me who said that the route needed to be extended further than they proposed?

  2. A bit of a disappointment but at least Fairlop Waters will now be accessible by the 462, great for elderly non-drivers like my Dad who participate in the Walk To Health there

  3. Thank God for that, although a bit disappointed it's not going all the way up,still, it's better then nothing