Sunday, September 06, 2015

Space for Business

Redbridge is often described as a “dormitory borough”, with a large section of the population using our good transport links to work elsewhere in places like central London or Canary Wharf. Over the years major employers have left the borough, not least Plessey and Ilford Photographic, and more recently Kelvin Hughes upped sticks and moved to Enfield. However, as Geoff Hill of the Redbridge Chamber of Commerce explained last week (Small Business Advice Week) to Sophia Hubs, Redbridge is a hive of small business activity, and it is small businesses, or SMEs (Small or Medium Enterprises) who are the real drivers of our economic prosperity and our local economy.

Redbridge is something of an engine for the development of new small businesses in London. Research commissioned by the Redbridge Chamber of Commerce on behalf of Redbridge Council has highlighted that the Borough has more new small businesses being created than anywhere else in the Capital. The research also showed that there was a need for much better signposting to the support that is available for new start ups and this has now started to happen.
  1. There is a new enterprise hub to be based in Central Ilford and run by Vision, a stand alone part of the Council;
  2. Sophia Hubs provides creative help for community and third sector businesses
  3. Redbridge Chamber has a special free membership offer for all new businesses that wish to join.
Other key points from his talk were:
  • Local people like to have a vibrant local economy! [Ed: This is a key element of Agenda 21]
  • Parking provision is key, [Ed: True, although we might disagree on strategy]
  • Local businesses need affordable office space and a range of units into which growing businesses might expand
  • Crossrail could easily take business out of the area as well as attract it
The full article is available over on the Sophia Hubs blog here.

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  1. Most interesting. However,since the Government relaxed the regulations preventing the conversion of offices to residential units, there has been a dire shortage of office space to rent. Our lease at Charter House in the High Road was not renewed last year as the whole block is being converted to flats.