Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Redbridge - Getting tough on planning rule breakers

A consultation is taking place on a new policy which will allow the Council to get tough on those people who breach planning rules.

Where a planning breach has occurred, for example where a resident has built an extension without gaining appropriate planning consent, we will carry out the following steps:
  1. inform responsible parties that they have breached planning rules
  2. negotiate to informally resolve breaches within 28 days where possible and if appropriate
  3. enforce and take action if negotiations fail or if the breach poses significant concerns or potential harm to residents, for example substandard, poor quality housing
The policy also provides guidance on how we will use our existing powers to undertake “direct action” to resolve long-standing planning breaches. Where appropriate, we will be able to enter land to correct a breach and this could involve demolition of unlawful structures. In these instances the Council will seek to recover any costs incurred from the responsible parties. The option of this direct action will be used alongside prosecution and / or injunctions to resolve enforcement cases in a timely manner.

Give us your views
You can find out more about the new policy and give us your views here
The closing date for the consultation is 21 September 2015.

If the policy is formally adopted following a review of the consultation responses, a “direct action” pilot will take place in autumn 2015. This pilot will allow a number of outstanding planning enforcement cases to be resolved.

Suspected planning breaches can be reported here.

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  1. Excuse me but didn't the planning enforcement section have these powers before? The problem is that a lot of Councils, LBR included were scared that if the perpetrator appealed then they might lose the case, so a lot of time was spent pussy-footing around.
    The appeal inspectors didn't help matters either and some of their decisions were bizarre!