Wednesday, September 02, 2015

London’s Environment Newsletter
- First Edition

Last moth I was privileged to receive in my electronic mailbox the very first edition of London’s Environment Newsletter, direct from the Mayor, Boris Johnson. We’ve only had a London Mayor since the year 2000 so it’s about time. If you are interested in the environment, and if you are not what are you doing reading this, you can sign up for your own copy here.

To give you a taste here’s how it starts:

Hi folks, welcome to my new environment newsletter.
I want to improve the quality of life for all Londoners and involve people in the work that we do. So this newsletter will provide you with regular updates on what we’re doing at City Hall to make sure London is ready to face the 21st century’s environmental challenges head on.
We must make better use of the resources that we consume. That’s why we’re making our buildings and homes more energy efficient. We’re also reducing water use and turning London’s waste into a useful resource. We want Londoners to breathe sweeter air and make sure our great city can adapt to the potential impacts of climate change and extreme weather. That’s why we’re investing in cleaner transport, like electric buses, and finding new ways of draining our streets and buildings to reduce the risk of flooding.
We need to protect and improve the city’s green spaces [my emphasis] so that London maintains its status as one of the world’s greenest big cities. That’s why we’re promoting tree-planting and the restoration of rivers.
It goes on to talk about London’s cleaner buses and spotlights Pocket Parks that “have ‘popped up’ in 26 different London boroughs with the help of brilliant local community groups”. That’s us! Then the Re:Fit and Re:New initiatives.

It rounds off with:
London's population is growing by 110,000 people every year [my emphasis] and our team needs to make sure the city is ready to support this. Watch our film to see how we are helping London retain its title as one of the best big green cities in the world.

The video has been up on the web for just over a month now and it has had just over 300 views, so it’s going down a treat with London’s 8 million inhabitants. And most of those views are probably from the Eco Team of 9 year olds at the featured Redbridge Primary School.

So, quite how we protect our green open spaces and accommodate all these extra people without building tower blocks in already built up areas like the Wanstead & Woodford Corridor remains to be seen. I would also expect the Cleaner Air lobby and the Trollybus lobby to have something to say on the content …

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