Saturday, August 08, 2015

Our Green Belt - 60th anniversary campaign by CPRE

To mark the 60th anniversary of the Green Belt becoming government policy, CPRE have launched Our Green Belt campaign to make sure the Government strengthens Green Belt protection. CPRE are asking the Government to:
  • be more specific on the limited circumstances in which Green Belt boundaries can be changed through local plans;
  • call in or direct local authorities to refuse damaging developments in the Green Belt that are not identified in existing local or neighbourhood plans; and
  • target public funding, through organisations such as Natural England and Local Enterprise Partnerships, to increase the quality of and access to Green Belt.
The first stage is to start demonstrating public support and this week they launched a ‘digital hub’ to gather positive examples (eg photos, written memories, videos) of how people use and value the Green Belt. It will also include news on threatened Green Belt, and they will be using all the hub content to highlight different Green Belt issues as the campaign goes on. The site will be live for at least six months so please urge fellow supporters, friends and family to submit material.

They have also published a poll which shows that 64% of people agree the Green Belt should be protected, while just 17% disagree. And more than six out of ten people (62%) who live in towns and cities support the protection of the Green Belt – a finding that CPRE says casts doubt on the claims of critics that Green Belts do not benefit people who live in urban areas.

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