Friday, August 21, 2015

London City Airport
– the battle is not over yet!

From the Evening Stannit.

Boris Johnson gets £525,000 to fight City Airport’s appeal over expansion
Boris Johnson has secured more than £525,000 to fight an appeal by London City Airport after he blocked its expansion plans.
The airport’s bosses will take on the Mayor at a public inquiry next year after he intervened and directed local councillors to turn down the development because it was too noisy.
The scheme includes extra parking for larger planes, a bigger passenger terminal and a “taxi lane” for more planes to use the runway.
The plans mean the annual number of take-offs and landings would increase from 70,000 to 111,000. Passenger numbers would nearly double to six million by 2023.
Meanwhile a consortium that includes the Kuwait Investment Authority and the Ontario teachers’ pension fund was today reported to be considering a bid to buy the airport, valued at up to £2 billion. Australian financial group Macquarie could be a rival bidder.
We will have a new London Mayor next May as Mr Johnson is standing down. So, if you are a member or supporter of a political party and still have a vote in that party’s candidate selection process you might like to ask them what their views on this subject are before deciding who to vote for.

Hat/tip Helen Zammett

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