Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Newbury Park Tube Station to get a Face-Lift without the Lift

We are informed by our good friend Ron Jeffries that Newbury Park Tube Station is to get a Face-Lift.

As part of Transport for London’s plans to modernise the tube they will be carrying out improvement works as from 13 July (expected to last for up to one month) and the station will remain open during this period. There will be changes to the ticket hall and the ticket windows will be permanently closed due to the window tax. However, the ticket hall will be staffed between the first and last trains on each day (which may vary due to signalling or leaf problems) and will be available to assist and advise customers on how to make the most of their travel experience but, due to health & safety regulations, not carry anyone up or down the stairs which separate the ticket hall from the platforms.

Smarter ticket machines have already been installed which can speak 17 languages, making paying for travel a pleasant and joyful experience. Staff will be on hand to show customers how much more these machines can do, except that is, get you to and from the platform.

To pay for travel you can’t access, you can now:
  • Use the smarter ticket machines
  • Use your contactless payment card. It’s the same fare as Oyster and no need to top up
  • Buy tickets or top up your Oyster card online or at nearby Oyster Ticket Stops
Ron Jeffries, Chairman of the Aldborough Hatch Defence Association said: “In 2009 TfL spent £4.5m on constructing lifts only to discover that they had run out of money, so they spent another £1m filling in the lift shafts.”

He went on “we know that TfL have stated that lifts will go in at Newbury Park, but the condition is that Redbridge Council have to find half the cost. That is a pipe dream of major proportions! LBR is cash-strapped like most Councils.”

“We and others have suggested they seek sponsorship from major businesses in the area – such as Sainsbury’s, B & Q, Holiday Inn – to name a few. But they don’t seem to be listening. We suggest the Managing Director comes to see for himself, and watch struggling parents with buggies, the old folk with holiday baggage, the infirm, the disabled and work-weary residents.”

But we guess he will continue to find other ways to spend the money he doesn’t have.


  1. N.P must be one of the busiest suburban stations, and the decision not to install lifts is a disgrace.

    1. All down to good old chirpy chappie Boris

  2. does anyone know what the building works are at the end of the car park?

    1. Yes, i noticed that. I had assumed it was something to do with the school?

  3. oh you could be right Mr Bside...its only i thought that if it were property developers then i would have suggested that they contribute with all the profits they would have made....

  4. I believe your are referring to the new Sixth Form Block at Oaks Park High School - three storeys high that will take 400 students.

  5. thank you mr Jeffries