Sunday, July 12, 2015

Enter the Barkingside Short Film Competition 2015!

Laurels, clapper board, smartphones and B21 logo

Live in Barkingside or visit Barkingside?

Got spirit?

Got a mobile phone with a camera, or some other way to make a video?

Want a chance to win £100?

Enter the Barkingside Short Film Competition!

Yes you. Definitely you. Yes, even if you haven't made a film before.

Make a 2 minute video, film or animation on the theme of ‘Love Barkingside’. Post the film to a video-sharing website and complete our submission form by 30th September 2015. A panel of judges will pick the winner and there will be prize-giving later in the autumn. £100 for the winning film and for two runners up, £50 each.

This is a fun thing for individuals, friends, or family members - anybody of any age is free to enter the competition, either solo or in a pair or group.

You don't need to be an experienced film-maker - it's spirit more than polish we're after. If you're in any doubt this could be for you, see this Ilford Recorder piece on the competition.

Spread the word - please download, print and/or display this poster [pdf format].

For full details including how to enter, see the Questions & Answers page.

And by way of example, this isn't strictly speaking Barkingside but you may recognise lovely Ilford (ht Anamik):

Sources for the graphic: clapper board by Ryan Speziale; camera phone by Megan Mitchell; smart phone 1 and 2 by Philip Glenn; all from The Noun Project.

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