Friday, July 03, 2015

Civic Pride in Redbridge
– Redecorating the Borough

One of the perennial problems for Neighbourhood Watch has been that when our council replace lampposts the Neighbourhood Watch signs disappear along with the old lamppost. In days past these signs were provided through the Metropolitan Police usually paid for by a sponsor, such as Yellow Pages; you may still see some of these, there are a few left. Those days are gone; the police no longer have any role in the administration or registration of Neighbourhood Watch and we now have a charitable trust run by unpaid volunteers; the Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch Trust.

The Trust has secured funding of £5,000 from Redbridge Council to replace all our ageing lamppost signs, most of which are damaged, faded or just missing. As you can see they no longer bear the Met Police Logo, but most importantly they do bear the London Borough of Redbridge logo; they paid for them. So, hopefully they will feel obliged not to throw them away when they replace lampposts.

Delivery of the first batch of signs has been received centrally and the roll out has begun, based around electoral wards. Not every ward has a ward coordinator yet, but where they exist it is they who have audited the street sign situation with the help of their watch coordinators, and are dishing them out to the watch coordinators to be fitted. They have LB of Redbridge permission to fit them to lampposts and they are insured through the National Neighbourhood Watch body.

Here’s a picture of some of the Ward Coordinators at a gathering in Barkingside Police Station.

"Crime will not flourish in a community that cares."

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