Friday, June 26, 2015

Talented Local Artists to Exhibit at the Dovecote Valentines Mansion

All you local art lovers, the Redbridge exhibition of the year has come around again!

The Seventh Annual Redbridge Art Association Exhibition opens in Valentines Park at the Dovecote (opposite Valentines Mansion) on Wednesday 15 July. It will be open on five days a week until Sunday 23 August (not Mondays or Tuesdays) and entry is free to the public.  The main exhibition will be followed this year from 26 to 31 August by a special six day show of the work of all the previous award winners. Opening times are 11am to 4pm.

The Dovecote
Come along and see what your local artists are doing and make your own judgment.  Awards will be made by public acclaim. As in previous years every visitor will be invited to vote on ‘The Best in Show’ and awards will be made accordingly. You’ll be amazed, astounded (and possibly horrified) at what your local artists can achieve.

Remember the dates: 
Wednesday 15 July until Sunday 23 August (main exhibition) and
Wednesday 26  to Monday 31 August (special past winners exhibition)

Why not make a day of it? Have a wander around Valentines Park, visit Valentines Mansion or relax in the Gardener's Cottage Café within the Walled Garden. If you go on certain days there will also be wall-to-wall live music provided free of charge by Redbridge Music Lounge. See our eNotice Board for details.

Last years winner is here.

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