Thursday, June 04, 2015

Oakfield and Local Plan on Hold

In a packed council chamber yesterday evening there were 18 members of the public who spoke at the Neighbourhoods and Communities Service Committee. Only one (ex Cllr Wilson) did not support the retention of the Oakfield site as playing fields.

There was a last minute amendment, which changed the recommendations of the report before the committee and this was passed. The effect is that the report will now not go to an extraordinary Full Council meeting next week on 11th June for agreement but instead will return to the Neighbourhoods and Communities Service committee at a later date with a further report from the LDF Advisory panel.

A Full Statement from Redbridge Council is here:


  1. phew! for a minute there i lost myself.......there was me thinking that this was not real, i was under the impression that us "plebs" opinions do not count ...or do you think that we should not see this as a full success and maybe just a temporary reprieve until the demographics of the area change even more,do apologise for being a pessimist but i do worry for the future when all these terribly built flats and houses start falling apart,,,,.............

  2. I'd consider this no more than a temporary reprieve. What I would say to campaigners is even if a property is earmarked for potential development in th local plan, it doesn't mean it will be built on, the plan identifies how the authority could meet its targets.

    I would urge residents to look at the bulk of the local plan where planning conditions are actually dictated and make suggestions on what you want included. For example all new driveways to have 10-20% dedicated green space, or number of trees to be planted in the local area per Xsqm of development. Bin requirements, parking spaces, fast food outlet planning, religious buildings planning etc etc. these matters and others are far more important than one site out of the 160 odd identified in the plan.

    1. As long as the reprieve lasts until 2030, I'm cool.

  3. If all the big boxes with car parking across the borough were properly redeveloped as mixed developments to reasonably high densities, is there actually a need to even think of using playing fields? Berlin did build over railway yards for example.

  4. Does anyone know why crossovers are not designed so that the pavement is continuous and level?