Thursday, June 04, 2015

Ilford Regeneration
– Who made this video and when?

Hat/tip: Julie Bradley


  1. the lets sell off Ilford to the "east" society

  2. As for who made it, it must have been made for the council, so they must know ...

    As for when, I would guess within the last three years. It might be possible to get a more accurate date by careful analysis of what is existing and what is future if you have all the relevant dates to hand.

    I lost count of the number of quarters and indicatives but must admit I like the idea of all these massive pop-up buildings. The hydraulic rams beneath them must be a fantastic piece of engineering ...

    On the subject of engineering, why does everybody keep claiming that the Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy is in Ilford when it is very obviously in Newham?

    Even TUCA's own website has it wrong, saying: "How to find us:
    TUCA is located in Ilford, East London and is a short walk from Ilford train station
    alongside their Manor Park Post Code! (E12 5LN)

    1. Certainly this concurs with the map on Redbridge-i.

      However when I lived in Newham that area was known locally as Little Ilford as opposed Great Ilford.

  3. To answer the main question posed by Julie; i would have thought after 2012 as it mentions the 'opening' of the Issac Newton School. Time line it from there.

  4. What about other stuff, litter, pavements it is possible to walk on?

  5. This would seem to be a "puff" for CrossRail.

    BTW have the "improvements" to Ilford Station included platform to street access for disabled passengers?

  6. Let's clarify a few things with this video. Going into ilford is alike with a visit through gaza, lots of drug dealers and perverts hassling any girl who walks by at night. Highstreet chains have moved out of cranbrook rd in mass and 18 estate agents have moved in. Yes 18 estate agents on cranbrook rd. Surrounded by fruit and veg stores, apparently ilford needs a dozen fruit and veg stores. Go through ilford high street and I'm sry to say it's all very tired and not a place u'd want to go often.
    The tall building they built opposite sainsburys is half empty and to call it a luxury to live there is funny indeed.
    Harrison Gibson building is now a two floor mash up of Indian clothing and polish food. Long gone is the multi floor Harrison gibsons that once was a grand store. Another fruit and veg store beside it now also.
    In short, ilford has become a right wasteland of its former self. Drugs alcoholics everywhere (there's a unit now!) thieves and robberies common, and you wouldn't send your daughter to shop there.
    Sad but all true, this regeneration budget may need to double

  7. I like Ilford. Could do with some TLC and signs like that is about to happen. Just hope it remains affordable - too many workers getting pushed further and further out. Hope independent vendors can still afford the rents. And pray that somebody takes the theatre in hand.