Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Civic Pride – Cleaning Up

Last week there was a knock on my door. “We are cleaning the drive over the road, would you like yours done?” No, I said, it has taken me years to get the weathered look and I like it that way.

The following day I noticed two large mounds of crud in the kerb on the public highway one each outside the two neighbouring properties to the drive that had been cleaned.

Today I noticed another even larger pile of crud, while the drive was still in the process of being cleaned, in Fremantle Road.

This is littering. It is detritus that gets washed down into the drain holes and blocks them, causing flooding. And it is we taxpayers who foot the bill for cleaning up what is in effect trade waste.

I have asked our new Cabinet Member for Civic Pride if there are any rules on this subject and if they are enforced?


  1. Cleaning Please Manchester9:03 pm, June 10, 2015

    Every professional cleaning company is required by law not to leave any rubbish and debris after finishing a job on a public property and/or driveways. Alert the city council and ask them to inspect the work of the company that performed the cleaning.

  2. Not just the crud, this is a positively criminal waste of water and electricity. Get out there with a bucket of water and a stiff broom if you can't live without a sparkling clean driveway, which will be back to its previous state in less than a month anyway.

    1. Plus the benefit of exercise of course.

  3. The sheer laziness of people continues to amaze me, nowadays it seems nobody can wash their own cars, mow their lawn, clean windows or sweep driveways with a splash of Jeyes and a couple of buckets of water, all of which I manage while running a business. Waiting excitedly for the leaflet that offers to clean your backside for you.

  4. These so-called lazy people are providing work for local enterprising residents. They may boycott you if you have such contempt for them. Why is your business more important than anyone else's?