Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gridlock on Forest Road
– Bridge does not hit Lorry

First the good news. Redbridge council has now installed double yellow lines all the way along Forest Road from Fullwell Cross roundabout to Fairlop Station on the north side opposite King Solomon High School. This is intended to prevent the continual congestion caused by parked vehicles on both sides of the road which create “chicanes” and prevent traffic from passing in both directions at the same time.

But this is not the only problem in Forest Road. There is the low bridge.

For a week or maybe two past there has been a temporary one-way traffic light system in Forest Road by Forest Farm due to road works. This has caused some delay but only a few minutes. But yesterday evening at about 7:30pm it was gridlock. Why? Haha! I will tell you.

A large lorry travelling west had gone through the temporary one-way lights whereupon the driver realised it could not pass under the bridge and so stopped. Parked on double yellow lines outside the Railway cottages. Now these lorries are much wider than cars or vans so the west bound traffic behind it (including me) was having difficulty getting past it because of the queue of east bound traffic waiting for the temporary one-way lights. The queue of eastbound traffic could not move because the westbound traffic had backed up through the one-way system.

What normally happens is that the Police arrive, hold up the traffic so the lorry can reverse back to and then into the Fairlop Waters entrance and then exit with a right-turn back from whence it came. Quite how they managed to do this yesterday I don’t know. They would have had to clear the grid locked traffic first. I turned round at Fairlop Waters and got to Barkingside the long way round.

Can’t wait for 800 removal pantechnicons lining up down Forest Road …


  1. anon...because i choose to be3:30 pm, May 28, 2015

    funny you should say that,,,my sister said the same thing,,,how can they put 800 new homes there the traffic is horrendous as it is,,,,but hey ho the people making the choices do not live here,hardly come through here so they dont care as long as it keeps up the housing targets its all ok,,,and lets face it i dont see the masses protesting against it but i think this is because of the now average Redbridge resident....dont ask me to explain, as i may be arrested for stating a "fact"

  2. Does this suggestion mean that for the sake of several misguided large lorries we cannot house 800 needy families?

  3. We desperately need more homes built in Redbridge (affordable homes) and I'm sure any new development wuld include improving the road access in that area.

    1. Anonymous(2) said "I'm sure any new development wuld include improving the road access in that area."

      Let's see ...

      Lower the road under the existing bridge with new sewers to ensure it won't flood when it rains - that should cost a few bob!

      Is the existing bridge wide enough for all this extra traffic? No? Ah! That means a new bridge, then - what's a few extra million between developers?

      With luck, if the council can be persuaded to make these essential improvements mandatory for planning permission to be granted, the costs involved might scare the developers off!