Saturday, May 02, 2015

Captain Bob’s Music

At the excellent RAFA club on a Friday night. On tap we have Captain Bob, a light and fruity ale from The Mighty Oak brewing company in Maldon, Essex and using hops from our commonwealth cousins in New Zealand. Once a month, as you may have noticed from our Notices & Events page, the Redbridge Green Fair Music Club put on a show with young, emerging and sometimes local musical talent. And very good it is too.

Here’s All the King’s Daughters, all the way from Amsterdam, stopping off for a gig at Ilford’s very own version of the “Cavern”.

And just to surprise you there is an extra one next week on May 8th featuring HeadSpace & Moorby Jones. Then on Saturday 9th there is the Valentines Mansion May Fair where you will be able to hear Storm in a Teacup and Blackhorse as well as watch Standard Women's Morris, Chingford Morris Dancers and many more attractions. And to round off a post election weekend, on Sunday 10th there is the Music Fest session in the walled garden at Valentines Mansion with another diverse mix of live music combining Indian classical, country blues, pop, ballads, soul, folk and bluegrass.


  1. Whilst it is nice to hear that hops from here in New Zealand are being used to brew beer in Maldon, could a more local alternative have been found from say Kent, thus reducing the carbon footprint

    1. I suppose so but then it wouldn't have the same flavour produced by the distinctive Nelson Sauvin hop.

    2. I bow to your knowledge of beer and brewing. It was just a passing thought. Exports to the rest of the world are after all, good for our economy