Thursday, April 23, 2015

Traffic & Parking Update

From our March 2015 hard copy Newsletter. Meant to post this up on the blog at the time but forgot – apologies.

Traffic issues in the West

Transport for London has refused to consider a new roundabout at the junction of Woodford Avenue and Clayhall Avenue, and Redbridge Council has decided not to enforce a U-Turn ban prior to the width restriction in Clayhall Avenue. So we have asked Highways to look into whether there is any evidence that the signalisation of Gants Hill roundabout (the funding for which was taken from Charlie Brown’s roundabout) has improved traffic flow there and if so to use this as leverage to press for the signalisation of Charlie Brown’s roundabout.

Irrespective of the U-Turn issue in Clayhall Avenue the daily rush hour tail-back would still be there and perhaps relieving congestion further on would also benefit this location. We have established that the proposal for a new cross roads traffic light system on Southend Road at the Roding Lane North and South junction would simply transfer the queue from Clayhall Avenue to Roding Lane North, a much narrower road that would not be able to cope.

We have been advised that responsibility for enforcement of the still illegal U-Turns in Clayhall Avenue (at the junction with Claybury Broadway) is to be transferred to Transport for London.

Bus Route & Parking on Forest Road

As forecast in our previous issue Transport for London are now consulting on their proposals to re-route the 462 bus from its current route along Fencepiece Road to Limes Farm and then on to The Lowe. The proposed route will run along Forest Road, turn into Elmbridge Road to The Lowe and then on to terminate at Limes Farm. If you have not had a hard copy through your letterbox you can make your views known directly via:

Much of the feedback we have received suggests that while this proposal is very welcome (it is somewhat overdue) it does not go far enough and that the new route should also serve Forest Cemetery, the Redbridge Cycling Centre and the Industrial Estate.

We are advised that irrespective of the above the parking on both sides of Forest Road between Fullwell Cross roundabout and the tube station has now become a safety issue and that measures designed to address the problem are being considered.

A verbal update from the Chief Highways officer at a Local Forum "market place" on 25th March is that double yellow lines will be provided on one side of Forest Road or the other.

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And work on the new entrance to the Craven Gardens Car Park should be finished by the end of the week, says the man from Kensons …


  1. thanks for the info mr b-side 21, good to have info that is very easy to understand,sadly comments and suggestions on the the consultation of the reroute of the 462 has ended,dont suppose you know if they will take any more...

    1. That consultation is finished, yes, but you can write to TfL at any time with your views and if you do then please copy in our Assembly Member Roger Evans

  2. Please could someone tell me why they have traffic cones on the pavement from the 105 high street to super drug in Barkingside. I was told that a new bus stop was being put there. Is this true?

    1. I doubt it. There was a major TfL funded revamp of the High Street a few years ago and the proposal for an inset bus stop there was rejected due to the high cost of moving the underground services.

  3. blooming eck,,,,the High Street is mad enough ...(driving through i mean)its like going through a playstation game of street race at times people doing u turns as they cannot be bothered to go down a back street or up to the roundabout to turn and this at non busy times, two lanes going straight across at the junction with Freemantle Road i swear that it had a filter lane or a arrow on the road, people pulling out all the times, not giving way in order to keep the traffic flow i could go on and on but it is ruining visits to a once pleasurable place,