Monday, April 06, 2015

Roding Gateway

Part of the Bellway housing development on the old Drapers Dairy site in Roding Lane North (FL01 to planning geeks) was to have a public footpath through to Claybury park at its northeastern corner. Here you see the path and gate from the Bellway side but it hasn’t been extended to the green at the junction of Wensleydale Avenue and The Glade yet. That’s the B21 bike in the shrubs.

Turning through 180° (that’s a Roding U-Turn) we see part of the landscaping and a children’s play area. This is interesting because the proposal for such on the green the other side of the gate back in about 2004 did not happen because the residents there objected.

Further round and we can see the meadow on the southern part of the site that abuts the Caterham School Playing fields. This was also part of the planning approval.

The fencing and landscaping is being done by Redbridge Garden Centre who are located opposite on the other side of Roding Lane North. Barkingside 21 likes it when the local economy benefits from such developments.

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  1. Redbridge Garden Centre could do with an online shop or least an online catalogue bless em