Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Redbridge Targets Fly-Tippers

As part of its Civic Pride campaign, Redbridge Council is set to augment its highly successful Action Days with a new initiative called Flying-i, new logo shown.

This is being developed in partnership with Barking College of Technology and involves extremely sophisticated Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Drones made entirely from recycled materials and ironically the springs from dumped mattresses. They will be deployed with advanced infrared surveillance systems and supercomputer-based predictive analytic technology developed at the University of East London using waste WEEE from the Chigwell Road Reuse and Recycling Centre.

This innovative combination of algorithms and aviation predicts where fly-tipping is likely to happen with 93% accuracy, thereby catching the miscreants infrared-handed, so to speak. Tests on an estate in Newham have shown that no fly-tipping has taken place while Flying-i drones were in flight and the first of four Redbridge squadrons is expected to be launched on May 8th from a new “secret” Air-Pad currently being constructed on the top of Lynton House.

Redbridge council announced yesterday that these UAV solutions are an integral part of their new strategy to combat fly-tipping and that the systems will be evaluated for potential other uses (e.g. parking enforcement and traffic offences) and by partner agencies.

A spokeswoman for Redbridge Police expressed interest saying that this new technology could make a major contribution to the reduction of crime and anti-social behaviour in Redbridge while also allowing officers to spend more time in the office ticking the latest innovative MOPAC boxes and eating donuts.

Meanwhile a spokesman for the Redbridge opposition said: “it’s a load of old rubbish, it will never get off the ground”.


  1. I cannot wait to see these in action. Perhaps they will pick up Master John and Mister Alan and dump them in the middle of the lake at Fairlop Waters. I would pay a pretty penny to see that and would even take a few photographs for the ILFORD RECORDER. Please let me know when this is going to happen and I will be there! Bet your life I will! Take care and take cover lads!