Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Redbridge - By Appointment Only

Today Redbridge Council announced that the One Stop Shop at Lynton House, High Road, Ilford, will operate on an “appointments only” system as from Monday 20th April 2015. The booking system will open a week earlier on 13th April.

This is part and parcel of the council’s drive to cut operational costs by moving services on-line. Obviously automated service provision is cheaper and some services lend themselves to this approach more than others. The Report-It section, for example, has been available on the council’s website Redbridge-i for some time and works very well. However, the council recognise that some services will still need personal attention; but it is expected residents will receive a more efficient service and save time by not having to wait at times of unpredictable heavy demand.

Services that will still be available face-to-face by appointment via the online booking service, which will be here (click), or by calling the Customer Contact Centre on 020 8554 5000 will include:
  • Schools Admissions, School Awards and Free School Meals
  • Parking Resident Permits (first application), Visitor and Business Permits, Parking Season Tickets and CCTV viewing
  • Planning Personal Searches
  • Nationality Checking
And the “drop in” service will still be available for:
  • drop box for completed forms and applications
  • collection of Green Garden Waste Bags (you can also get these at Chigwell Road RRC)
  • viewing Traffic Orders and Legal Notices
Over recent years, as mobile internet access [1] has increased, Redbridge council has provided a whole range of services and information on its website which is available 24/7 to suit the user. What's more every time someone uses these facilities instead of the telephone or a visit saves the council money, or to put it another way, you and me the council tax payer.

These facilities and tasks include applying for jobs, housing, the Blue Badge Scheme and a Disabled Persons Freedom Pass. You can also view school waiting list positions, get information on Councillors, MPs and public meetings and find information on registering Births, Deaths, Marriages and Civil Partnerships.

There is also an on-line survey where the council seek users views to help them improve their offering even further (Click!)

[1] The statistics for this site show that just under half the traffic comes from mobile phones.

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