Thursday, April 02, 2015

David Reynolds, Green - #IlfordNorth #GE2015

Intro: All known candidates for the Ilford North constituency in the 2015 General Election have been offered 400 words on this blog. They will be published if and when they are received. Click the GE2015 label below to see all in one view. We also have Hustings on April 18th

David Reynolds
Labour and Conservatives will say that voting for the Green Party, or for anyone other than themselves, is a wasted vote, particularly in a marginal seat like Ilford North. They will say that it risks letting in the other side – so if you don’t like the Conservatives, better hold your nose and vote Labour rather than splitting the anti-Tory vote.

This argument might have some legitimacy if Labour represented a genuine social democratic alternative. However, their 13-year record in government demonstrated that they have embraced the same neoliberal doctrines as the Tories. They did nothing to reverse the Tories’ shambolic rail privatisation, and saddled the NHS with billions in PFI debts.

Labour will not bring the railways back into public ownership or properly regulate the energy companies, although most British people want this to happen. They will not end the policies of austerity, although the Tory-led coalition’s austerity programme has failed in its stated purpose of eliminating the budget deficit. Most working people have seen their wages stagnate, the most vulnerable in society have seen their benefits cut and been forced to rely on food banks, and zero-hours contracts have mushroomed. Meanwhile, boardroom salaries have soared and the richest 1% have been given a tax cut.

The Green Party offers another vision, built on sustainability, social justice, and greater equality and fairness. Green Party policies consistently score more highly with visitors to the ‘Votes for Policies’ website than those of any other party. They include scrapping self-defeating austerity and tuition fees, paying people a living wage, building affordable housing, and keeping the NHS in public hands, properly funded and free at the point of use. Given the changes since the UK joined the Common Market in 1974, we support a referendum on EU membership.

I am proud to be standing in Ilford North on these Green values. Living nearby in Wanstead and having been brought up not too far away in Hornchurch, I know the area. As a father of two teenage children, I want to play a part in creating a better country for them and their generation.

At the last election the millions who thought that by voting LibDem they were voting against a Conservative government were betrayed. It’s time for voters to turn their backs on tactical voting and vote for what they believe in, not for a continuation of politics as usual.


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  1. I've read the Green Party policies on Israel/Palestine and foreign policy in general, and I have to say that they'll get my vote. The security of this country won't be improved by the policies of other parties as they focus on the wrong things and seem desperate to appeal to a certain demographic. Whereas the Green Party seem to have policies that generally benefit everyone, regardless of background.

    Also, I know they get some stick for their economic policies, and I'm no economics expert (who is?) but there seems enough experts that back the Green Party approach, so I'm willing to accept their opinion and give them a chance.