Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Philip Hyde, UK Independence
- #IlfordNorth #GE2015

Intro: All known candidates for the Ilford North constituency in the 2015 General Election have been offered 400 words on this blog. They will be published if and when they are received. Click the GE2015 label below to see all in one view. We also have Hustings on April 18th

Philip Hyde
I have decided to stand as an MP because I believe things have to be changed with the way we are governed. I feel that our current MPs have lost touch with the concerns and day to day problems that everyday people face. I am one of those people. It's about time the voice of ordinary people is heard in parliament and not the voice of career politician’s intent on party and self embellishment. I am a proud Eastender with a wife of 30 years and three fantastic daughters. I have worked in commerce and industry from the age of 16. However, I endured a 12 month spell of unemployment in the early 1990`s and as a father and husband felt the desperation that the lack of self worth can bring. Alongside my career, I am a local councillor who fights with every sinew for those in our community who have been ignored by a system which is blind to the injustices faced by those unlucky enough to have been born with little or no prospects.

Great Britain was once the envy of the world. We must be under no illusion that past glories are a sign of future prosperity. Successive governments have been guilty of breaking the back of our traditional industrial base. The revenue from the North Sea came and will soon go. Over its 40 year period thus far, it has delivered an insurmountable bounty to governments of the time. Our once prudent fiscal approach has been replaced by an attitude of ever accreting spend and tax. Thus the debt burden of both state and people is now perilously close to disaster. Our culture has been invaded by a perception that the rest of the world has a right to impose their traditional ways and values. Mass immigration has lead to bitter divides throughout the country with Social services struggling to cope. Therefore, We must have the courage to speak out against uncontrolled immigration, injustices to our young, old and less fortunate, interference by elected and non elected EU officials and wasteful government spending. In UKIP we must have the courage to listen to all sections of society and develop policies which are inclusive but most importantly, ensure that the majority view is at the heart of our consideration.

UKIP Offers a no nonsense approach to getting back control of our nation, its economy and its prospects...

Website: www.philiphyde.co.uk/index.htm
Twitter: www.twitter.com/financereaper

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