Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Healthy Access in Redbridge

Healthy Access is a scoring system developed by, showing how easy it is to be healthy in different parts of England. Unlike other scores that show disease rates, life expectancy and other health outcomes, the score measures access and quality of services that allow you to stay healthy.

The Healthy Access Score provides a gauge on the relative ease of living a healthy life in different parts of England. The project was launched with the knowledge that prevention is key to solving our future health crisis, and that individuals making the right health decisions depend on the right services being available.

In its first phase, Healthy Access takes into account access to dentists, access to GPs, quality of hospitals, walking and cycling behaviour, and access to green space. The aim for the project is to provide a simple to use platform where local citizens and decision makers can discuss local access to health. Organisations already supporting the project include,, NHS Choices and Digital Catapult.

So, how does Redbridge measure up – not good is the answer.

See the full results and explanations here.

I’m not sure how these scores are calculated but there does seem to be a discrepancy in the Walking and Greenspace categories. Whilst we have very good open spaces like Fairlop Waters and Claybury Park, it seems we are not using them effectively. Or that the figure is a reflection of the south of the borough where there is not as much open green space. Maybe better public transport, like a bus route along Forest Road which goes all the way to Hainault Forest, might help?  What do you think?

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  1. please dont tell our beloved council they will use the lack of use of green spaces to justify building on them