Friday, March 20, 2015

Bridge of Trolls – Valentines Park

While we are on the subject of leisure and culture plus access to our green spaces we have these photographs of why we need Health & Safety legislation. It looks like the three Billy Goats Gruff have huffed and puffed and blown down the safety barrier during an epic battle with the fearsome Troll who lives underneath. Unless a passer by just leant on it to look at the ducks and ended up in the water.

Images by and with thanks to Simon Smiler.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Alan.

    My first thought on seeing what had happened was that the wood must have been rotten. Alas, this does not seem to have been the situation.

    Since taking these photographs the bridge has been sealed off with metal barriers placed across the footpaths at each end. Having to use an alternative and longer route is a real inconvenience - and not just for me! Especially when walking between Perth Road and Beehive Lane via the all-important delightful walled garden.

    I dread to think how long the bridge will remain closed.