Monday, February 09, 2015

New Bus Route along Forest Road

After many years of campaigning for a bus route along Forest Road Barkingside, even preceding the genesis of Barkingside 21, it looks like it may finally happen. This is Transport for London (TfL) we are dealing with here and we know they tend to work to geological timeframes. Nevertheless this is welcome news, but it is not yet confirmed. As we have seen in the recent past a proposal supported by the vast majority of local residents was rejected on the basis of the number of objections received because those who supported it assumed it would go ahead and did not register their approval. Once bitten twice shy. If you approve of this scheme by TfL then please register your support here (CLICK!). The consultation closes on Friday 20th March. You never know, if our luck holds we might even get some news on the long awaited replacement for the Fullwell Cross public toilets soon.

Bus service proposal: route 462
Following a request from the London Borough of Redbridge we have reviewed the possibility of providing a bus service along Forest Road in Fairlop, which is not served by a bus route at present. As a consequence we are proposing to change route 462 to meet this request, which would bring some local residents closer to the local bus network and provide new direct links to the leisure facilities along Forest Road. 
Route 462 currently operates between Ilford and Hainault, The Lowe. We are proposing to re-route the 462 from Fullwell Cross via Forest Road, Elmbridge Road, The Lowe, Manford Way, Manor Road, Fencepiece Road, Limes Avenue and Copperfield to a new terminus at the southern end of the Limes Farm Estate. On the return journey to Ilford, the route would continue clockwise from the southern end of the Limes Farm Estate via Limes Avenue, Fencepiece Road, Manor Road, Manford Way, The Lowe, Elmbridge Road, Forest Road to Fullwell Cross and the existing line of route.


  1. Thank you for sharing Barkingside 21. My wife will be pleased to hear about this new route as she has always felt that Forest Road needed a bus route on it.

    Forest Road is a well used road by pedestrians so feel it does make sense to have a bus route there. However, I am somewhat concern about the impact on the car traffic flow as it may cause noticeable car congestion. If the plan goes ahead, I hope that is not the case.

  2. As a car driver I agree with the previous comment about traffic flow but I
    also appreciate that this will also be of great value to people attending
    funerals at the various venues along Forest Road. One person I know
    had to walk from the underground station all the way to Forest Park
    Crematorium and I am sure there must be other cases, it is also a long way to the other cemeteries.

  3. During the days of the old Public Transport Liaison Group, several of us asked TfL to re-route the 462 up to the Cremaorium. The proposals don't go that far, in fact the bus will turn down Elmbridge Rd meaning people will have a very long walk or take cab/car there.
    It is also proposed to move the zebra crossing (yes, the same one TfL) put in several years ago and move it to UNDER the bridge, the same one that keeps getting smacked!
    TfL don't seem to have taken into consideration that this is a narrow road with speed cushions, they intend in their wisdom to build out the kerb to the entrance of the Redbridge Sports & Leisure complex, meaning vehicles turning left will have to come out further to get round.
    The original proposal from the Council to TfL was to take the bus route up to and include the Crematorium & Cycle Centre, go down Romford Rd and turn left again into Manford Way.....

  4. I also agree with the previous comments as a car user as their is a lot of congestion around King Solomon School and would hope that parking would be outlawed for the School pupils as there would be a bus service. I have driven down that route and the congestion is extremely bad at times.

  5. It's very good news and long overdue but doesn't go quite far enough. We desperately need a direct bus service from Barkingside to King George Hospital. It's ridiculous that we have a bus to Queens, which is much further away, but not one to KGH.

    Surely it wouldn't be difficult for the 462 to turn off at Hainault Road, go to the hospital, turn round there and come back to Forest Road to continue with its new proposed route.

    I have written to TfL to ask for this to be considered, but unless others do the same, I will be a lone voice in the wilderness. If you have a car you have no idea how inconvenient it is when you haven't! So please support this,for the sake of those of us who have to attend KGH by public transport.

  6. Perhaps it would be better to have a completely new route from Barkingside along Forest Road, passing the Crematorium, with a special turn right (just for buses) at the top. continuing on to King George Hospital - killing two birds with one stone!!!!

  7. Residents of Forest Road do not want a bus route, we've managed perfectly well without one for all this time. Buses would just cause even more traffic chaos than there is already. The only people that want this are people that don't live in Forest Road because they're too lazy to walk to the station. They have been 4 serious traffic accidents in the past three weeks one of them was fatal. The bus would just cause even more traffic chaos especially with people trying to park on both sides of Forest Road this is just a recipe for disaster. It would also be used as an excuse to build houses on the oak field site stating the transport links had already been put in place. What we actually need are double yellow lines on the school side of the road all the way down from the bridge to Fairlop roundabout to stop idiots parking there.

    1. There was a traffic management order (about 2 years ago) to put double yellow lines on the school side of Forest Road all the way from the bridge to the roundabout, but it was not acted upon because the RESIDENTS of Forest Road objected to it.

  8. it needs to be a red route not double yellows ...with them you can park for three hours with a disabled badge,,, as for a bus it would be useful, dont think residents would notice after all you get lorries etc,the traffic is caused by people parking on both sides of the road between the station and the roundabout, i use this road alot and notice that the traffic can go back as far as power league just because of people parking both sides and cars cannot fit through needs to be studied to get the right answer.

  9. The traffic yesterday (15th April 2015) was horrendous, caused by cars parked on both sides of the road. This meant there was not enough room for traffic to flow both ways at once. The traffic was backed up Forest Road past the station up to the mini roundabout and also at Fullwell Cross roundabout which was almost at a standstill. This was from at least 2.30pm until 4.30 pm and it is not much better in the mornings. I understand residents not wanting double yellows opposite their homes but maybe it could work better as a parking restriction from 8-9.30am and 2.30-4.30pm Monday to Friday. I am sure residents would rather have this restriction than congestion outside their houses all morning and afternoon. As it stands, the current restriction applies from 10.30am-11.30am which inconveniences residents in any case. It would also help if there were marked bays for parking on the residents' side of the road in order to guide people where it is and is not practical to park so traffic can still pass side by side.

  10. Its not fair to the elderly people that live in manford way that needs the 462. The 462 is fine how it is why change it now. Put a special bus ๐ŸšŒ down there. Don't really need a bus ๐ŸšŒ down there. Please leave 462s alone.

  11. why not a new 562 route from Fullway cross Barkingside long forest road to forest crematroium and onto flower road and back to barkingside

  12. A little birdie has just told us at Forest Farm Shop that the new route will come into effect from Saturday 25th June. Can't seem to find any confirmation anywhere though.

  13. A little birdie has just told us that the new routing will come into effect on Saturday 25th June. No confirmation yet though...

  14. Yup! Due tomorrow. It's on the TfL website